25 minutes...25!!!!! Week 6 run 3!

25 minutes...25!!!!! Week 6 run 3!

So by the title you may be able to pick up on how bloody chuffed I am right now. 25 minutes. Without stopping!! Can I just repeat that there was no stopping!!! Ha ha. I changed my playlist today to a 90's running mix on Apple. Love the 90's and Sunchyme right at the end was a winner!

Timing was better today in that I crossed the mini roundabout at perfect timing to the cars. Also no dancing today. There was a guy pushing a pram through the gap and I could see that he wasn't for rushing so I slowed my pace right down to make sure I wouldn't have to stop.

Michael spoke after 5 minutes. I expected him to speak after another 5, but he caught me out by not speaking again until the half time bell at 12.5! When he appeared with the last 60 seconds he told me I could go faster if I felt I could. And as I got on to my street there is a nice little downhill and I did go faster and it felt amazing after that long uphill for the second half of the run. Today's metre gain was 28.95m. So another low end one. I think I'll stick to this route for a little while now to build stamina before mixing it back up to the 49m gain route.

So on to week 7. I'm sure I'm in for more surprises in my own ability. Thank you everyone for the support. It does run through my head during the runs.


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  • I can feel your excitement MrsT...a whoop is on order๐Ÿ˜Š..

    Well done runner๐Ÿƒโœ‹x

  • Did you say 25 minutes...........what, 25 minutes non stop.......I mean, without stopping, for a whole 25 minutes?

    Wow! Only runners can do that!

    Well done, fellow runner.

  • Runner ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ™Š I don't think I've ever been called a runner before!

  • Runner, runner, runner, runner... ! :)

  • MrsT THE RUNNER, 25 minutes nonstop WOW, well done mate.

  • It's fab! Can't get over it

  • I'm on week 5 run 2 tomorrow.

  • You will be just fine... :)

  • OOOOO... getting so close now... very well done...!

  • Mrs T stunning stuff and sprinting too. 2/3 rd of the way done and dusted, how good does that sound? Chuffed, chuffed chuffery, a great feeling for a great run, by a runner. Cos Mr Smooth said so, and all these nice folk said so too. ...

  • I know. 9 runs left to graduation. Amazing. And already planning what I'll do after xx

  • Me too, everything I read says consolidate so I think I'll focus on doing at least the 3x30 Minutes weekly for about a month and then follow IannodaTruffe advice and go for the 10% increment on distance rule. Suddenly realised when I did the 10ks a couple of years back, I was always running downhill, so that needs to change... minus gradients doesn't seem to be a stamina build... good luck you are doing absolutely brilliantly.

  • That's my plan. Consolidate the 30 mins then slowly increase to 5km distance. Then after new year I'll do the bridge to 10km ready for the great Manchester run in May ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • What a good target to have we have a 'through the olives and vines' 10k every August but it's brutal on hills, so mine is more long range than yours.. but it's nice to have a target

  • 'Through the olives and vines' sounds much more beautiful than Manchester City Centre though. As much as I love my home city, I know where I would rather be running. Although having never done the GMR before, I am not sure on the gradients. I may have to have a look and see if I can find the route for it so that I can prepare myself.

  • That's a good idea because as I found out doing the o and w run 2 years ago, running downhill was no prep for that run at all. I was the last over the line by 15 minutes and the tail runner Ambulance crew asked if I wanted a lift! So knowing the route in your head definitely helps the legs....

  • It is good that you have learnt something from that then. :) I have just had a look at the route, seems fairly evenly spread and from what I can gather, the elevation gain is 88m. So the 5km I did the other week was 47m so that is good to know. Obviously the final few runs of the programme are going to be at my lower gains of 28m (ish) but once I start to consolidate I can go back to those 47m gains knowing that it is all good training for the 10km.

  • You have a plan well done

  • Woohoo, well done! Mine is coming up on Wednesday. Hope I can feel as over the moon as you must feel right now!

  • I'm sure you will. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Woooo! Yeah! You are amazing! Keep going!

  • Really feeling it in the legs today! So thankful for the rest days :)

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