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25 minutes 2 miles

25 minutes 2 miles

I just ran for 25 minutes, me, 25 minutes with out stopping me 25 minutes.

Feeling rather euphoric.

If look back to where I was at week 1, we'll actually I tried going for a run without using this app and after 30 seconds I thought my heart was going to jump out my chest and my lungs as good as collapsed.

I understand we are all different and we all have are own problems, demons and reasons as to why we came looking to c25k. Mine was to many years of unhealthy diet and until a year ago smoking (25 years).

What I am trying to share to anyone beginning this journey is it really does work, and as sound as the science behind it is what really makes it special is the community of support behind it.

When your at your lowest there's always a word of encouragement, when your at your highest there a piece of praise and if its advice you need there a wealth of knowledge from people that have lived every step of the journey.

Where has running been all my life.

25 minutes straight me.

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That's fantastic- you inspire me to keep going 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

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Well that a fairly alien concept to me, my running may have inspired some one else lol I certainly wouldn't have believed that possible in week 1.

I must say I have found my inspiration from reading the journey of others. And although it's good to read of others successful runs when you hear that someone found it difficult you understand your not alone. And sometimes the most difficult run can give you the biggest sense of achievement.

Keep it up your doing a great thing and you should be proud of yourself.


What a great a brilliant runner😊

Well done Stampy..high five✋😊


Thank you very much😊

High five ✋😊 right back at you.

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Well done - believe it, it was all your achievement! Looking forward to more news as you approach graduation


Fabulous post Stampy, and fabulous run!

Its sounds like you are really enjoying your running! Keep going, graduation is so close🎈


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