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Woo hoo! Graduated last night!!

The title says it all!

For the first time since my teens I have stuck to a way of exercising for more than a couple of weeks and I have (mostly!) loved it.

I couldn't have done it without this forum, so thank you everyone.

And for all those who offered advice on new kit- a quick update: I'm afraid the airtex graduated with me. I haven't made it to the shops, due to a poorly baby, but she's on the mend and I plan an expedition tomorrow so I'll look like a real runner by the time I do my first post grad run.....

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Oh wow, many congratulations to you! You should frame the airtex - after a wash of course ;)


Big congratulations to you Jemimatoo and welcome to the Grad Club!! Enjoy the moment and what better way to celebrate than to spend that birthday money on some lovely new gear - you had so many options given to you, you will be spoilt for choice!!

Hope baby is feeling better soon and you can get out there for your first post grad run - enjoy!

Sue x


Congratulations Jemimatoo and a big well done! Look forward to seeing your shiny geen badge :-)


Well done. Enjoy the celebrations


Congratulations to you, Jemimatoo!!! What a marvelous accomplishment!! It is amazing just how far we come during this program, isn't it?

Now, take a day or two of will be needing it to shine that wonderful "Graduate" badge when it appears!!

Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)



Oh, well done - great achievement! Enjoy shopping for your new kit :)


Congratulations jemimatoo and welcome to the Grad club. Don't forget to contact John (JR21) and let him know. Just go into Directory above, then admin. That will take you straight into John and you can leave a messgae. in two weeks you will have your well deserved shiny badge of merit.

Now a day or two off as Steve says-you deserve it-before starting Stepping Stones in 5+k.

Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


Well done, Jemimatoo! Bask in the glory and indulge yourself for a few days ... then you can start Stepping Stones with me! ;)


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