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Couch to 5K
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Week 8 done - woo hoo!!!

I can't believe the change in me - there are weird things in my legs beginning to appear - muscles!!! my body shape is changing and most bizarrely of all, I am pushing myself to be faster and stronger.

As a lifelong overweight lazy person this is a real miracle - so thanks Laura and everyone - the plan works!! Can't wait for this time last week - injury barring I will be at the end of the programme - what next?!!!!

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Fantastic, you must feel so proud. It's a great way to start the weekend! Got to rush, getting-ready-for-last-dayat-school-time. Sports kit and packed lunch to sort out for 13 year old's sports day.


Do you know I really am - hurrah - thanks for leaving a comment x


Well done you!! :-) That's good stuff!

Are you doing the 5k to 10k programme when it comes out? I reckon if we can do 5 we can do more... ;-)

Congratulations on your progress!


I will definately look at it - why not? I was just thinking I would concentrate on increasing my speed to actually cover the 5k, am still just off it, even including the walking. where are you in the programme?x


I am at week 8 (again), so really looking forward to doing the next lot when it comes out. Hopefully soon!

My plan is to do 3 endurance sessions, so that will be the 5-10k program, and one 'speed' session a week. Mind you, by speed I mean going slightly faster than my current hop power walk thingymajic I call running. :-) :-)

I think it is awesome that you enjoy it so much.. who'd have thought this program would inspire so many people!?


Once you have motivated yourself to get off that couch it kind of gets you hooked doesn't it!!


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