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Week 9 - 2/3rds down, staring graduation in the face!

Hi - did week 9, run 2 yesterday evening after work. As predicted I did find it hard going - not being able to see the garden as I run on the treadmill does have an impact and I did find my eyes straying towards the timer once or twice!

Still all done and boy did it feel good afterwards - although less good today - can really feel my legs and hips!

Looking forward to my graduation run on Saturday - fingers crossed nothing will stop me doing it. Soooooo want my green badge now! :)

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Good Luck! ;)


Good luck for Saturday Sue - not long to go now!! Let's get ready to party!!!

Sue x


Well done! I use the treadmill too and used to always look at the timer and it makes it so much harder! I now just tune into my music and switch the timer part off so I don't know and I decide, 3 more songs (or whatever) and I'll check my time. I only check when I know I've listened to a good few songs that I know take me to about 30 minutes, then I know I've not got long to go! Good luck for Saturday


Marvelous, Sue!! Enjoy R3 and especially enjoy the thrill of completing your graduation run!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks for your good wishes everyone. Much appreciated. So looking forward to tomorrow - mostly when the timer hits 40 mins! :)


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