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Didn't just crack it, I smashed it!

I've been trying to do slightly longer runs, not massively, just making sure they're comfortably over 5k. The problem I have is with running out of relatively flat areas. We live sort of at the top of a hill in most directions (even though it's all uphill to get back to my front door) and I don't want to head off the plateau as it'll all be uphill on the way home. So getting longer runs in without falling off the edge is tricky, or so I thought.

I cracked 6k this morning! No, sorry, as the title says I didn't just crack it, I smashed it to smithereens! 6.6k!!!!!

I'll repeat that just in case you didn't get it. 6.6k!!!!!

Oooh, I'm pleased with myself!

Time? about 12 seconds under 44 minutes! Still not the magical 30 mins for 5k, but getting there.

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Well done Beads! Gosh you live near my brother -- did my graduation run in Warlingham, very, very hilly! Happy running and keep on smashing xox delia


Yes, Warlingham is very hilly, we almost bought a house there but were put off by the steep gardens, not good with 2 little ones. Well done for your graduation run there, it must have been some feat!


Well done you, you're going about it the right way without a doubt. To get to the 10K mark I slotted in some serious hill training which helps to build up strength and stamina, also did Speed once a week for the same reasons. Good luck.


Argghhh, not sure if I want to head for 10k, a friend's just suggested a marathon!!! Nope!


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