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Taking it steady

Ran my fifth run of week 7 this morning - yes you did read that correctly.

I've not felt entirely comfortable on all of this week's runs, in fact my third run of week seven was an absolute shocker - I had to slow down to walking a couple of times and didn't feel right at all - it was just one of those days. So I decided to do two weeks worth of week seven runs, I'm in no hurry to finish the programme - after all I'm doing this for my own health/fitness benefits and not anything else.

Some of my runs have felt great and others less so. My route - exactly 5k door to door (including warm-up/cool-down walk) - is all uphill for the first two miles so I've found it hard to find a pace at times, but having monitored my runs with Strava for the past few weeks (just for my own interest) I've been steadily getting faster. Not quick by any means, but knocking 10-30 seconds off each time out feels good.

At this point I'm pretty pleased with my progress, not only am I running for 25 minutes (when 7/8 weeks ago I was hopeless) but doing C25k along with dieting (well, healthier eating really) I've lost a shade over two stone in 2015. I'm confident that I'll be ready to move on to week eight after one more 25 minute run and will most likely do two weeks worth of that too, but I'm really looking forward to graduating and continuing my running journey with my local parkrun in the not too distant future.

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well done silver on the weight loss and the running :D


You sound like you're doing absolutely brilliantly. As you say, you're doing it for YOU and very efficiently by the sound of it. :)

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You are doing brilliantly - take it at your own pace - if memory serves me well then I had a few problems with week 7. Try not ot worry about speed at this stage, it's more important just to be running for 30 mins by week 9 (plus a week or two :) ) Strikes me, you might be subconsciously trying to push your pace a bit which may make the runs seem more difficult. Either way you'll get there and are doing great.


you are doing brilliantly I'd say, and sensible to continue with a few more week 7 runs...and wow thats a fab weightloss... good all round


That sounds amazing! It's great that you're taking it in your stride, doing what feels right and seeing improvement - you sound like a true runner! and that's an incredible healthy weight loss - well done!! You seem to have made a full lifestyle shift which is so very hard to do, congrats Silver :)


That's good to hear! I'm just contemplating doing something similar - finding week 7 tough going so far.


Sounds like you are doing great.


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