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Week 9R3--really really YES!!!!

My first blog, but you have all helped me so much. I even stuck with Laura to the end.

I am 65yr old woman who cannot believe that I have just got to the end of c25k--well rather c24.325k!

I have always taken the one day rest but if that still felt too soon I took another day. After two weeks I had to stop for two weeks as the ancient ligaments and tendons in one knee reminded me that I had to treat them with respect.

I can honestly say that I have completed all the runs from 60secs to 30minutes without ever stopping. Talk about mind over matter though!

Come on all you 'mature' women, in particular, if I can do it, just grit your teeth. YOU CAN DO IT TOO. GOOD LUCK

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That's fantastic! Well done!


Well done :-) and welcome to the graduate club :-)


Go get your graduate badge from John and very well done :-)


Congratulations !! I agree with you completely that it really IS mind over matter Heatonian . I have attempted runs so many times on my own (as in not with laura in my ear) I used to just decide that I was 'tired' and I would stop and walk. Like you I can honestly say that so far I haven't walked when I should be running once! and doesn't it feel good ? Well done again , I am a few weeks behind you (week 7) but also 'mature' person 56 yrs Thank you for the encouragement :-)


Fantastic post, you should be very proud of your wonderful achievement. I was running about the same distance as you at graduation too. Well done!



Absolutely brilliant heatonian - a real inspiration to everyone! What a shame you didn't share your journey along the way as I'm sure you could have helped so many but it's great to hear what you have achieved! Keep up the running and congratulations again on graduating! Sue


We are in our prime! Well done.


Congratulations! Fantastic willpower as well ... I'm in awe! Just bask in the glory for a while longer and then let us know what your next goal is!


Congratulations - fantastic achievement! :)


Fantastic Heatonian. Yes us "wrinklies" can do it to! Well done on you Graduation run! Now to get that shiny badge next to your name. I'm out of the game at the mo-knee injury dodging a rushing dog! I can't complain though, as I managed to Graduate without any injuries at all.

Next step is to make a plan for your goals-failing to plan is planning to fail :-)

Try the 5+ stepping stones first, then speed (only once a week, as intense for the body, but I love it). Don't go anywhere near stamina yet-very arduous, and this is when I wrenched my knee. Enjoy yourself and Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


Congratulations, Heatonian!!!! Your approach of taking extra rest days when needed and respecting what your body demanded of you is something that we could all learn from!!

Congratulations again and enjoy your most certainly deserve it!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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