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Graduate! Yes, really!

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So first thing this morning I completed my graduation run. I'm stunned and amazed that the same person who struggled to run for a minute at a time in week one has just run 30 minutes for the third time this week.

Thank you to all the folk who post on this forum, the support and encouragement really made me feel that I could do it too!

Now planning to follow in the footsteps of many other graduates and continue with the runs three times a week and register for a Park Run when I can comfortably do 5K.

I currently have no idea of how far I am running in 30 minutes but have an app on my phone so plan to find out on my first post graduation run.

For all newbies just starting out, keep going, if I can do it then anyone can do it!

19 Replies
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Well done!! I'm 3 runs behind you once I get rid of this virus thing.

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thank you for this inspiring post, I am in week two, and your experience along with many others on this site encourage me to overcome the gremlins and get those running shoes on.

have a great day


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Congratulations, Graduate!

Absolutely brilliant... now, go get that badge!

Enjoy the glory! :)

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Fantastic and well done! Good graduation plan. Took me a long time to find 5k comfortable though! I do 2 X 5k and a long run having graduated 30 weeks ago and the shorter distance is still tough LOL!! Julie

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Well done you. I graduated at the weekend and it's the most amazing feeling. Feel guilty this week as I will only get one run in due to various commitments but I am determined to keep this up and work on my speed a little. Are you planning to keep listening to week 9? I have had a little listen at the stepping stones/ other post grad podcasts but they seem a bit much to be honest!

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badgerunGraduate in reply to mummybrummy

I graduated this week too, I am still thinking about what to do next but it will probably be to carry on with week 9 and try to increase the distance I cover. Not yet made the 5K

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mummybrummyGraduate in reply to badgerun

Me neither more like couch to 3k

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NeverrunmumGraduate in reply to mummybrummy

Hi mummy rummy

Yes, I thought I might stick with Laura and week 9 for a while, but not sure how much longer I can put up with the dire music!

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mummybrummyGraduate in reply to Neverrunmum

I have never understood the comments about Lauras music as I have the app on my phone and play my own music?

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Good job! Though you may now need to change your user name...

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Brilliant, very well done! Feels great doesn't it?

You will enjoy the park runs.

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Congratulations... Runningmum! ;)

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Well done

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Well done, enjoy and celebrate. I have finished in the same week and still can't believe it.

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I've heard there are 5K+ podcasts, maybe they are for you? I've no idea what's on them though.

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NeverrunmumGraduate in reply to

I will probably investigate those, for now though I might stick with week 9 until it's really comfortable and build up the time slowly till I can do 5K - definitely going to keep running now having come so far.

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Well done and congratulations! You really will have to change your user name now. 😎

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Hooray!! Great job on graduating :D :D :D

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