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Week4 - Up a gear?!?

Is it just me or is Week 4 suddenly a *lot* tougher? I did my usual and headed out with Mr Ullrey on my headphones ready to run when he told me.. I didn't check the program in advance and wasn't prepared for 3 mins followed by 5 x2. I'm sure I'll manage but my knees took a battering and I'm wondering how next week will be... Does anyone know if the coolrunning C25K program - which Robert Ullrey's podcasts are designed around - has exactly the same structure as the NHS/Laura routine? I'm assuming so, but maybe Week 4 easier with Laura...?

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I am also on week 4 and it is the same with Laura. I was struggling on w3 but took the advice from this forum and go slower (snails overtake me) and it works. I even managed a 10 second increase on finishing r2 today. You can do it just watch your pace. Good luck.


weird - i can only see the first answer to my question.. anyone else get this?


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