Not a question but a suggestion

Hi. I am on week 4 of the program & think it is excellent. However I would like to make a suggestion. It would be great if Laura could tell us when we reach the halfway point of the podcast. Then I could turn and head back. Often times I find myself either quite far away from home when I finish or else running up & down in front of my house like a psycho. I know this wouldn't be an exact midpoint but it would give an indication at least.

Thank you.


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7 Replies

  • During the longer runs Laura does tell you when you're half way there.

  • Ahhh I see! Newbie question I guess.

  • There's a text description of each week's podcast here:

    I printed that sheet and referred to it each week so I could work out when I'd reach the half way point.

  • Thank you. That's a good suggestion. I am trying to avoid the temptation of read ahead to find out what is in store for me. I'm concerned that I'll get put off if I see something that I believe I won't be able for. At the moment I'm just blindly starting each week under the assumption that it'll be do-able. I suppose you could say I'm putting blind faith in Laura and the program. It's working so far !

  • Fair enough; I liked to know, but we're all different. ;-)

    I don't know how far along the programme you are now, but if you follow Ribena's suggestion, the maths gets easier as you go through the weeks, because there are fewer repeats.

  • When she says what you have to do I do a quick mental calculation.

    Eg week 1, 60 seconds running 90 seconds walking for twenty minutes, so that's a total of 2.5 minutes which goes into 20 eight times, so I'll be halfway done after four repeats.

  • That's what I do Ribena. I too don't read or listen ahead for the same reason as goal196cou, though I do find the comments on the blog useful.

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