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On a high

After completing week 4 I knew i wouldn't ever stop running so i treated myself to some nice new running gear.

Who knew proper gear could make such a difference, i was so much more comfortable on my week 5 runs.

I've just finished W5R2 and am on such a high,I finished the last 4 min of the second 8 min run really strongly, something just clicked and i knew i could finish the last 4min actually running rather than the light jog.

feel so proud of myself

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Hi Jase well done to you, yes proper gear, especially shoes, does make a difference. Good luck and keep going, Ed x


Well done you, it is amazing how much better it is to run in the proper gear (and how quickly you get hooked into buying more and more that you just can't run without!!) Good Luck


Fab stuff!! I've promised myself new trainers once I've completed week 9 before I start the 5k+ programme, could you recommend a good pair of trainers?


I was referring more to Clothing than trainers. I only have a cheap pair of running shoes at the moment but i have made myself a similar promise too


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