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High blood pressure - stopped C25k


I was doing really well (for me) and had completed W2 R1 which I struggled with.

Then I found out I have dangerously high blood pressure, went to see GP and have just been put on Ramipril to try to reduce it (from 200/100).

The GP said I could carry on doing C25k but have been feeling very angry and sorry for myself.

So it's been 2 weeks since my last run.

My question is, should I start C25K where I left off or should I start from the beginning?

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Hi Trixibelle, well done for starting C25K!

I completely understand the feeling sorry for yourself, and I hope you're feeling proud that you're ready to restart!

If you feel like you struggled with W2 it might be an idea to start from W1 again and see how you go. If you find it easier then you can go back to W2. Two weeks is the point where you begin to lose fitness when you stop exercising, but you're only on the cusp so may well be fine!

You might find it easier now that your BP is under control too.

Good luck!


Great you have the meds you need. If you restart you may find second time round and meds make it really easy - what a confidence boost that would be. Take care and enjoy.


Hello, I have had very high blood pressure in the past though it is now controlled with medication which I have been on for 7 years , so understand your anxiety but jogging at a slow pace is a great way to improve your health and fitness and there is no shame in repeating a week for whatever reason. ( I repeated wk 2 as it nearly finished me off first time round) I would start from wk 1 and pace yourself. Good luck 🙂

Thx. Yes, am going to start wk 1 again x


A What a nasty blow. 😧 However, much better to know & be treated. My OH takes ramipril and it’s worked a treat. If your doc said it’s ok, then do go back to C25k. It should help the bp in the end. I’m a cautious soul, so I’d probably restart, but I think it’s really up to you. Stay slow & steady - Team Tortoise welcomes you back! 🐢😄

Thx. Yes, I am going to start at the beginning again x


👍🎈You are SO doing the right thing to get back to C25K. I am on two tablets for high blood pressure. One of the reasons I started this program.

Running is a wonderful outlet for both anger & disappointment. Start from the beginning & enjoy doing the familiar runs. Be happy to be back with us because we are glad you are here! 👏🎈

Thank you x

I’ve been on ramipril I for a while now. It’s helped keep my blood pressure in check with no side effects that I’ve noticed. If I go on holiday and do little to no exercise, I go back a week or 2. Gives me a more positive attitude and builds me up again for the longer runs. Eg I was on week 8, after holiday, back to week 6! If you need to build up you confidence I would go back 😬

Trixibelle154 in reply to Jay102

Thx. Sounds like a very sensible plan and the difference is potentially only 4 runs anyway.


At this stage it may not make much difference but I think, if it were me, I’d start at week one again - if you find you zip through it, fine, but it’ll give you a basis from which to start again, especially as you said you struggled with week 2 before. Good luck and enjoy! And don’t forget to go slow slow slow! Or to let us know how you get on!

Will do, thank you x


Hello trixibelle, way before my running days and working in a sedentary job I had high blood pressure and was put on ramipril but I found it made me cough and was later moved to something else. I started c25k about 8 years later. The result after 9 months of running was lower blood pressure and being taken off medication altogether

I’d suggest you take the medication and get your blood pressure stable and then start your c25k . You never know , you may be able improve your blood pressure too.

Trixibelle154 in reply to Dexy5

Thank you x

Hey Trixibelle,

Better that they’ve found the high blood pressure now rather than it going undiagnosed!

Mine was a tad higher than yours at 220/120 and was identified at a random medical check when I was applying for a remortgage.

I’ve now been on Ramapril and Amlodipine for about 5-6 years now and luckily no serious side effects (other than having to get up and pee during the night) and my BP is around 130-150/85-95 nowadays.

It does get considerably lower when I get three runs a week in (say 115/80 or so) and creeps up when don’t get the exercise in.

Take it slow and steady and remember something is always better than nothing when it comes to running :)

I’d go back and start at week one again and take it nice and easy. I finished the programme and just repeat the last few weeks every now and then.

All the best,


Thx Gavin. Yes, I found out randomly myself when I decided to get fit, do C25k, weigh myself every week and wear heart monitor to see what my calorie burn for the day is.

I was just cross because I had been to the GPs with breathing problems and they did loads of blood tests. Said I was pre-diabetic but nothing about my blood pressure, although my GP did take that.

It's obvs been high for a couple of years as I have had comments about blood pouring out very quickly when I do blood tests.

Will start C25K from beginning tomorrow and monitor blood pressure to see impact it has.

Thanks for your encouragement 👍

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