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Running High?! Anyone?!

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Anyone know how to make yourself get this running high I keep hearing about? It's always a slog for me. Maybe twice in the C25K plan I got a feeling that I could just keep running forever but it was short lived and even since graduating it doesn't seem to be getting any easier or more enjoyable.

I tried a different route last night which involved a steep uphill bit (short) followed by a nice gentle downhill bit (long) followed by long flat. Half way round my arthritic hip threw the worst wobbler it ever has and it took an hour to complete the 5k! This is not encouraging!! :(

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For now I would try and stick to the flat. A nice flat country trail with some lovely scenery, but essentially flat! Hills can be discouraging early on, as you're finding, because they're so hard. Give yourself a break from them. You can tackle hills later, although the downhill jogs are a blessed relief aren't they.

Are you running nice and slowly, steadily, taking your time so you're not slamming down and hurting your hip. The downhill might have upset your hip you know.

Get some pain relief, ice is really good, and have a rest day or two and then have another go.

Good luck x

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VikkiHiggGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you - I think you're right. Although I cant really run very fast so don't think it's that - takes me 43 mins on a v good day to do 5k! I think from reading other posts I will try to do 5k one run a week and do shorter runs but build up the speed on other days. Thanks again for the advice :)

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I asked about his ' high' , some people get it all the time, others seems only rarely or never... i GUESS it must be about the individual's physiology and /or the levels of 'dopamine' released in your body.. ( which will vary from person to person...)

personally , i have occasionally had a sense of ' high' AFTER a run.. ( but not always) and occasionally a sense of ' all is OK' during it ( once the breathing problems calm down after 10 mins)

but rarely that HIGH some seem to experience... but more credit to you if you still run despite the lack of ' reward' !!

I can only recall getting the "high" 2 times in the past 7 months. Both times were during training runs. One was when a song that I liked came on and the other was when I was trying to beat a light. Awesome feeling!!!

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It's hard to keep motivated I have to admit! Keep setting myself goals once a month like doing a park run!

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When I first read the title of your post I thought you were asking if anybody ran whilst off their nut on mind altering substances lol :D

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Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to Peter_B

Oh yes, I love a bit of "Speed" while running, I'm always singing its praises...Miss Wobble does

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I sometimes run with a friend, we chat & have a laugh and he gives me motivation, And I and vary my route such as a Parkrun course which in parts is rugged terrain with some small hills.

Then there is a straight course which is a pathway partly enclosed by trees on one side and fields with horses on the other, but an A road on the other, so try not to use it often because of the pollution.

But I know what you mean, it does feel a slog at times and hard going, but then I think about the benefit running has done for me, I could hardly run for 30 secs when I started, now I can go for a minimum of 28 mins, and take some deep breaths which helps...

A bit of science (not sure how accurate) ?

And life experiences:

Runners high is caused by naturally produced chemicals within the body latching onto the opiate and cannabinoid receptors in the runner's brain. Endorphin is short for endogenous morphine ie morphine produced by the body. The cannabinoids produced are similar to the active ingredients of cannabis, such as THC. Runners are just clean living junkies.

There is a theoretical way of achieving this high that I found on the net, but I haven't tried it out.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Runners high doesn't usually kick in until you're covering 5, 6 miles minimum - keep going on and you will get there!

Longer distances, lovely scenery, good music, and making myself really grin while running.

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goonkeepgoingGraduate in reply to the_tea_fairy

Yep - I read somewhere that if it feels hard - start smiling! It really works ......

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the_tea_fairyGraduate in reply to goonkeepgoing

I think it tricks your brain into telling your body it's having a nice time!

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I seem to take so long to get in the zone that the high generally only occurs in longer runs. Keep at it, they'll come more often and stay longer. Some runs will always be a slog through.

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Thanks everyone. Limited on distance by my hip but will persevere! I think the thing is as well I've moved from trying to build up time to focusing on distance. I will go back to time and build up from there.

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I often get a buzz afterwards, but usually when I've been pushing it quite hard, doing intervals for instance. I'm not suggesting you do that though unless you feel it's right for you.

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I have only ever hit the "runners high" twice. Once was on one of my c25k runs when i had not long been running. The second was in the midst of a long 8.5 mile run. Both times it has been on a flat part of the route i was doing. I usually feel quite buoyed up after a run but during I often dislike it.

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nope never had it yet either!!

My 'high' usually comes when the run ends and I feel chuffed with myself for getting out there again and doing the job! I have visions that I was running like the wind, looking strong etc.

The best feelings I have had whilst actually running have generally been when I have been pootling around beautiful scenery :) Not sure I have ever felt like I could run forever though ..................

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It was weird - most of the time it is just a slog, but just a couple of occasions I found the right stride wasn't feeling like I was going to die and just could have carried on and on. I didn't to be fair so maybe I imagined it!

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AnaveragemanGraduate in reply to VikkiHigg

well I just always make it to the end.. no more, no less.. then ' tick ' it off..

perhaps that's the nature of where i AM in the ' programme'

I'm currently doing the c25k, am up to week 8 after doing the programme for 10months now, I get the running high after every parkrun but then come the next run I don't feel like going out for the run, each time I think like that I remember why I'm doing this programme/journey as I like to call it because in some way it is a journey to becoming a better person to a better life, I am doing this journey to be able to complete my first marathon for charity, each time I put my running trainers on I picture my nan right next to my side with her running clothes on (even though when she was alive she didn't have running clothes because she had a few health problems) and when my nan is right next to me nothing can stop me from completing each and every run I go out to complete :)

Hope you manage to find something to motivate you and for you to get the running high to keep you going, it could be anything that means something to you, for me it's my nan by my side, hope this helps :)

Take care,

Siobhan x

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