High Exercise regime - High Blood pressure

I cycle an average of 150 miles a week and still mountaineer to a high standard. My blood pressure is about 160/80.

I am 61 and about 85kg. I drink more units than thought ideal, other than that I lead a model healthly life style. No history of hypertension in the family.

My work life has stresses - but not to much. Private life moderately stressful but currently under control. Fighting difficult legal cases with former employer.

What could be raising the upper pressure?


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  • While I am not an expert it could be an inherited condition you have got. Doing C25k could help but it is best to check with your GP about it.

  • I think that you really need a proper medical opinion and should speak to your GP who will be able to advise whether you can make further changes in your lifestyle or whether you need medication. Good Luck

    Oh but do C25K anyway. It's fab :)

  • High blood pressure was the single most important reason why I have taken up running. I’m 53, and slim/very fit looking but during a random test it was discovered that my reading was similar to yours, and that’s a very high reading.

    Stress can push your blood pressure up a bit but may not be the reason why it stays up. Two of the worst offenders are alcohol & tobacco, no doubt. In my line of work both are customary but I ditched them both hours after my GP had given me the news, and shortly afterwards I was wearing the running shoes.

    My average blood pressure now is 115/75, perfect by any standard and it would not have been achieved had it not been for running (and getting rid of pints & roll ups).

    Please go and see you GP, don’t delay it. They will advise further and by adjusting some things and taking up running, your condition may be improved. If left untreated it could cause all sorts of issues, as I'm sure you already know.

    All the best of luck & keep us posted!

  • Go and see a GP.... :)

  • I'm now doing a week monitoring. If still high will see GP. I feel well - apart from the stresses but believe I'm managing them ok.

  • Consult a professional.

    One word of warning regarding blood pressure. I had my blood pressure taken the other day and the nurse said it was high enough to be of concern. I expressed my surprise, because although I am going through a supposedly stressful health situation, I have never had high blood pressure and considered myself pretty fit. The nurse said she would do it the old fashioned manual way as my lower resting heart rate might have confused the technology............ result, nothing to worry about.

    I would always recommend having the second test as the electronic devices do seem either temperamental or maybe poorly calibrated.

  • First and foremost, choose your parents carefully...

    Not seriously concerning but too high to ignore if sustained or labile (the evidence base on when to recommend intervention is progressing all the time), although given that these sound like your own home readings, that is more concerning. Good idea to take a series of readings. I'd also suggest taking your machine along to the surgery when you go to compare (my husband did that, saved a lot of bother) Make sure you are using an appropriate sized cuff for you (and that medics do) - although IIRC more likely to read too low with too small a cuff.

    There are various treatable but serious conditions which can be picked up early from a rise in blood pressure so congratulate yourself on taking notice and seek a professional opinion sharpish if you don't get lower readings.

    Obviously reducing your alcohol intake might be an idea.

  • Why are you choosing to seek advice on a beginner running forum for your blood pressure issues a a mountaineering hardcore cyclist?

    This is not a place for medical advice : that is your doctor.

    Cycling 150 miles a week with the odd mountain thrown in does not have much bearing, exertionwise, on going fro 0 to 30 minutes running

  • Off course I'm liaising with my doctor. I feel that having high blood pressure and my exercise regime are unusual and so have tried to find out if others have similar habits and symptoms. So if you google high exercise high blood pressure you find many sites advocating exercise. Since I take more than enough exercise I'm trying to find if anyone else is in my situation. This site seems to be the only one that comes close to my circumstances. So you've asked me why - and that is my answer. Hope that's good enough.

  • I can't help but feel you are looking in the wrong place though. At most the participants on this forum are doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise 3 times a week. a 30 minute jog is not going to affect anyone's BP. I think you would find more pertinent experience on ultra runner forums, Crossfit forums etc.

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