20 mins - did you do it first time?

So after managing to run two sets of 8 minutes on Friday (which I'm both pleased and surprised about!), tomorrow is the dreaded 20 minutes run.

Did you manage to do it first time, or did it take a few attempts? Did you slow your pace down?

I run on a treadmill and usually run at 8km/h but I'm thinking about slowing down to 7.5km/h tomorrow. I'm loath to go any slower because I often find it harder!


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13 Replies

  • You'll be fine! Just do it, it sounds much worse than it actually is -- it's your first real run!

    Good luck and let us know how you get on!

  • I did it this morning for the first time, the last 5 minutes were seriously hard work and my pace dropped right off, I felt dead by the end but once I had got my breath back it felt a great achievement!

  • You should be fine. It was my favorite run of the program and i was so delighted I danced in the shower afterwards :-)

    It's a good idea to start off more slowly than you've been doing your shorter runs. If it starts to feel too difficult don't be afraid to slow down a bit more. You can always speed up when you get near the end if you still have energy to spare.

    Good luck and enjoy it :-)

  • Have faith in yourself and this tried and tested program and you will be just fine. Start steady and don't try and go too fast or you may run out of steam. You've done all the preperation leading up to this longer run so you should be well prepared. Good luck, let us know how you get on.

  • Yes, I did it first time. I was shattered at the end and it was the first run where I had a companion, Alex on her bike cycling along, not quite waving a big stick and prodding me, but mentally yes. I think having her along helped (she normally cycled with her daughter running but Grace bowed out early due to blisters or some such) as there was no way I was going to give up with company. I was exhausted at the end, about 50 yards short of doing a full circuit of the aerodrome but there was no way at that time I would be able to do those 50 yards.

  • I did it first time too. I took it VERY slowly to make sure I got round without stopping (I didn't realise how slowly I was going until I struggled to overtake an elderly man walking an equally elderly jack russell!). Because I was going so slowly,I did manage to add a couple of extra minutes faster running on the end. My advice would be take it calm and steady, you can always speed up if you feel comfortable later on. It is such an amazing feeling when you finish this run! I bet you will surprise yourself! :)

  • Nope - unlike everyone else here, my first attempt was rubbish! I managed 10 minutes and then had to stop. Looking back at my blog, there was no particular reason. I walked for a few minutes and then ran for another 12. However, after a day's rest I nailed the 20 minutes and felt great.

    Don't put too much pressure on yourself - just go and do what you can. You might run the 20 first time, in which case, wonderful! If you don't, there's always next time, and at least you have done some running - in which case, wonderful :) I hope it goes well.

  • Like Anniemurph I didn't manage it the first time and frankly now I put that down to having decided I couldn't manage it before I even started. After that (frankly disastrous) run I repeated the two eights (which had been fine) and had a real word with myself. I decided I just had to get it over with and tried again and whilst I didn't fly home - in fact the last five minutes I was being overtaken by snails and sloths - I did make it. Just believe in yourself & the program - you can do this!

  • I found it was much more of a mental challenge than a physical one - I was really anxious about it and sure I wouldn't be able to do it. Once I realised that if I didn't complete it the first time it was no big deal as I could keep trying till I got it, I was much more relaxed. Whether you do it first time or not, when you do, you'll be elated! :)

  • Don't worry, it can be done. I ran for the full 20 minutes on Saturday. It is psychological - just set off at an even pace and don't think about the distance. I found it easier if I concentrated on my breathing and foot placement to take my mind off the remaining time. Towards the end of the run my mind started thinking about work-related problems and the second half of the run was faster than the first half!

    All it requires is PMA = Positive Mental Attitude :)

  • I didn't succeed the first time....poor planning of my route...I got to 17 mins and then it was all up hill....managed probably another minute before I had to stop. Did it on go 2 though!

    All the above advice is very sound...slow down and if you have energy left you can speed up towards the end...also my advice would be plan your route! Don't let any unexpected hiils get you!! Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • I completed the first 20 minute run in the first attempt, but could not complete the 25 minute run in time as my shoelaces got untied at the 20th minute, due to which I had to stop anf then could not restart. It will be helpful if you take it this way that running at a stretch is easier than running for a stretch and then stopping and then again re running. And the satisfaction that you get after completing a run is heavenly, unexplained and really awesome!!!

  • You,ve got to believe you will do it, listen to Laura. twenty mins was my first out door run,and i felt so proud at the end as no doubt you will. If u dont manage it you tried and will no doubt try again. remeber positive mental attitude

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