Wow! 20 mins run, how did that happen!

I never thought I would make the 20 minute run when I first started but I was actually looking forward to it by the time I got to week 5. I'm 43 over 14st 4lbs (4lbs on from running I must add) so not the lightest person to be running around the streets in daylight. My first 3 weeks of running I had very bad achy knees, which did worry me a little but I carried on taking it very steady. I thought achy knees were down to my weight but I think it was a combination of weight and lack of strength in them.

When I went onto week 4 I realised my knees where no longer aching, this was a massive breakthrough for me. I’ve tried running over the years but always stopped after a couple of runs due to the pain in my knees. Doing the C25K hasn’t caused the pain in my knees as the gradual work outs have strengthened my knees rather than damage them (experiencing just aching and no pain).

During week 4 I started experiencing soreness in my shins and calf muscles which I think is just down to them being used more than usual (I hope). The thing that I still find difficult is my breathing, I find it very difficult to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. I’m trying to take longer breaths but as soon as I start thinking about it I get worse, I’m not sure if I will ever be able to do it right.

W5R3 running 20 minutes was amazing! The last 5 minutes was very difficult due to an aching back which I put down to my running bra being very tight. So for the larger busted women reading (if you get this far) can you recommend a good running bra that supports not only the front but also your back?

It sounds like I’ve had nothing but aches and pains for the last 5 weeks but even though I have they haven’t been bad, just niggles. I’m overweight, unfit and getting on a bit but the C25K has got me off the couch and running 3 times a week. I’ve not lost weight which is what I was hoping for but I am getting fitter. I can now run up the stairs without getting out of breath and my chunky legs are starting to become more defined and the most important thing is that I’m enjoying every run. I’m not very fast but my goal is to make it to 5k before I start thinking about how fast I’m going.

I love Couch to 5K and can’t wait for W6R1!


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12 Replies

  • I completed that run on Friday - it is such a buzz isn't it! I normally have a few niggles as I start running, but they go off as I continue - I think mine is the same as you - underuse and overweight!! And I now seem to have gone from losing a few lbs when I first started this to having put a few lbs on.

    I wear a Shock Absorber bra in DD size -

    and it is very comfortable. Doing the catch up at the top takes a bit of contortionism but it does its job.

    Good luck with Week 6 :0)

  • Thank you runningknitter, the back of that bra looks really supportive. Contortionism! i'm always looking for something new to learn ;)

    Maybe we will start running off those sneaky lbs soon, fingers crossed.

  • That looks really good, and doesn't look too much like a bra, could even be used on it's own on very hot days.

  • I just did it on Friday, I'm still on a high! Well done, it's a brilliant feeling.

  • It certainly is Hoopla. Congratulations to you too.

  • Woohoo - well done , what a rush for you :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Oh well done Bluebelle, sounds like you've cracked it Missus ! Enjoy it :-) xxx

  • Your story mimics mine!! Same age more or less, same weight more or less!! Difficulty losing weight. Big boobies ( as my 4 year old says!!) difficulty breathing. Yep!!

    But you know what.....we're off the couch, we are running for longer periods of time, we are getting fitter. Exercise is better than no exercise.!! Keep it up. Well done you!! X

  • Haha I love the things little ones come out with. Thanks for your support Mancbird.

  • Fantastic achievement to reach week 5 and get the dreaded 20 minute run done as this is a turning point for lots of us as we suddenly get confidence that we can run and finish the programme. I was the same as you with the breathing and used to drive myself crazy trying to so it in a rhythm. And the. Suddenly it just happened on one run and my breathing worked for the first time. I think the tip I would give is forget about it for a while and concentrate on something else and it just might sneak up on you! I also put on just over 3lbs at the start of the programme but didn't put any more on and after nearly 6 months running I think it is just about starting to come back off now......strange but have heard other forum people say the same. Good luck with week 6, slow and steady it catches you out a bit.

  • Thank you Nellyharte I'll give that a try :)

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