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Slip Sliding Away... my 3rd parkrun

How oh so tempting the duvet was this morning when my alarm went off, I had promised myself a Parkrun today but it took every bit of will power I had to overcome the Gremlins.

As I walked to the bus stop my feet skidded on the thick ground frost, my husband was still tucked up in bed declining the opportunity to cheer me on - the temptation to chicken out and join him was strong but remembering the early days of C25k I kept going and braved the bitter cold. Perhaps it would be better at the parkrun...

Perhaps not... Ours runs alongside the seafront and it was heavily frosted and iced, pretty but treacherous and cold (half a degree above freezing!). As we set off at the start line we were given plenty of warnings and most of us ran very gingerly indeed - the sight of 130 or so people in running gear mincing along must have been quite something to onlookers. This is not a day for PBs I thought to myself (I was right in my case, but on the results page I see some people actually did - bravo!) I normally get my pace early on but spent my first lap trying not to fall. The killer bank which I normally attack best I can was like a cresta run, my feet skidded a few times and I made for the grass at the side - I was well behind the pack by now but better a slower run than an injury.

Second lap I pulled forward, the thaw was beginning and it was definitely easier. The killer bank had been declared unsafe and we were re-routed along the flat lower prom. Great I thought, this'll be easy.... Never has the lower prom seemed so long, it was like someone had stretched it out... :-O I tried to close on the runners in front but it was no good, I had nothing left to give. As I ran to the finish the Marshall high fived me and said "Well done, lass" - I could have hugged her, but I had lost all feeling in my finger tips (despite wearing gloves) and had a bit of a do getting my barcode out my pouch.

By 9.30a.m the sun was shining and the frost mostly gone! Still, I had great fun, got a 'not bad' time of 27.45 and enjoyed a slow jog home along the coast to keep warm. Hope everyone enjoyed their Parkruns as much as me today - and hopefully no injuries.

* 'Slip Sliding Away' a Paul Simon song for those to young to know. ;-)

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Hi notbad, well done to you. I did the Cambridge Parkrun today but at 3 deg it was positively balmy! I am only on W3 so i still find the Parkruns hard work, i did it though and hardly had to walk any of it. Good luck and keep going, Ed


Well done and thanks Ed, it's great fun isn't it? :-)


Fantastic time!!!! Well done:)


I'd be SO proud of a time like that ! Well done !

I've got the song in my head now :-)


Wow! Well done and great time for an ice rink! hoping to do my first park run in a couple of weeks so hope it's a bit easier underfoot :-) keep up the good work!


Well done. I'll admitted i've registered with Parkrun but not actually made it to one yet.


Thanks for all your comments, if anyone is hesitating about doing Parkrun I'd say give it a go - it's great fun, whatever the weather - good luck Foylefiend. :-)


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