W9 R3 at last and plans for the future!

Can't believe it! just come home from W9 R3 and so excited I couldn't wait to tell you guys! In fact I decided to push on a bit longer as run 2 was 30 mins but only 4.22k, and I've just managed 4.7k in 37 mins.

If you are starting this running lark from scratch rather than being vaguely fit already, then I assure you it can be done. It's taken me a bit longer than the 9 weeks as I had a C25k holiday when I went on holiday in September and was put off a few runs by hideous weather and the occasional bout of laziness, but I've done it, hooray !!!

When I started week 9 I got a bit anxious about what I'd do once I broke up with Laura, but reading other graduate posts has helped me formulate a plan. I'm going to push on for the 5k and then it's off to park runs for me (can't believe it's me typing this stuff!). Was aiming to start them in January, but since I was nearly at 5k today, I think I'll make that December :-)

Thanks to everyone on here for your wonderful blogs and advice, I couldn't have done it without you all. Will let you know how the park run goes :-)


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22 Replies

  • Well Done.

  • Thank you :-)

  • Congrats on completing C25K. I love hearing about people like me (who started off from a definite couch position) who have got through to the end and how you are now a motivated runner. Good luck with the park run.

  • Thanks PeaBea, somehow you can't quite believe you'll be able to do it and then you have :-) Now actually looking forward to having a go at the park run!

  • Great stuff, Foylefiend! Check out the 5k+ podcasts if you want to keep the structure of c25k. They're designed to help you build up speed and stamina and I can testify that they work. Make sure you apply for your shiny green badge! :) Best of luck for your Park Run.

  • Thanks Oona, I'll definitely give the 5k+ a go. The structure really works for me so it'll be great to still have that. thanks for your advice, much appreciated :-)

  • Congratulations well done on your latest times they're great I have to admit I've signed up to Parkrun but not actually got there yet was thinking of starting tomorrow but the weather is supposed to be awful again Perhaps I'll do the Santa run?

  • Thank you! you'll have to let me know how you get on :-) I wonder what it'll be like running with so many people?

  • congratulations, well done on your graduation! Looking forward to seeing your shiny new badge soon. Good luck with the park runs. I signed up but haven't had a chance to join one yet, looks like it will be December for me also, rather than end of November.

    I did a 5K charity night run while I was in week 8, I found that running with others really pushed me along and I did 5K in (just) less than 30 minutes - I've never been able to do it since, hence signing up for the park runs to push me along. Let us know how you get on with them!

  • thanks vixiej :-) someone else has mentioned the speeding up effect of running with others - that'd be lovely! Well done for entering it in wk 8, and what a brilliant time. I'm just going to aim sub 40mins for my first one, but would be very happy to be surprised by the result :-) Keep up the good work and good luck with the park runs.

  • Well done that's excellent I didn't quite get to 5k in October when I graduated but since doing the podcast I have now achieved it and got up to 5.3k you will do it . Keep up the excellent work good luck with the Park run x x

  • Thank you Alex2009, it must be the power of c25k and all the support you guys give, but I do believe the 5k is do-able soon, and my husband will tell you I'm not renowned for my positive mental attitude! You're doing great with 5.3k, that's a park run and some to spare! Well done.

  • Congratulations - what a wonderful achievement! Enjoy your running :)

  • Many thanks Anniemurph, who'd have thought the promise of that little green badge would be so exciting! :-)

  • WELL DONE i graduated on monday it's a great feeling just managed 5k in 38 minutes doesn't sound fast but it was the first time i hit the 5k mark - my aim now is to get to 5k in 35 minutes. Keep going now the fun starts I just love it :)

  • Thanks redfacewoman (great name btw). I was so spurred on by everyone's lovely comments yesterday I got up this morning and decided it was my 5k day. Managed it in 39.04 so a bit longer than you and it's a good pace :-). I'm also now aiming for 35 mins and then park run is definitely on. Can't believe it since I struggled to do the 60 seconds back in August. Like you, I'm really inspired to keep setting goals and getting better. Keep enjoying it :-)

  • Congratulations on your graduation and also on your 5K distance since then!! It is a wonderful feeling to break that 5K distance isn't it!! I think that Parkrun will be yours before you know it!!

    Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)

  • Thank you for your encouragement :-) park run here I come - if it ever stops raining..... FF

  • Well Done and Congratulations your blog has inspired me, I ran last week and did one 30minute run with intentions of finishing, and didn't get out again because of hideous weather (south west of england's been a bit battered) and like you bouts of lazziness (it's so easy to put things off!). On track this week, hopefully, after reading your fantastic blog, just completed a 30minute run today (Monday 26th) and intend to complete the other two runs this week ......Am so looking forward to a shiney new badge and typing the big 'G' word :)


    Keep blogging as I'd love to hear how the park runs go and obviously the 5k


  • Wow, you're really close to finishing and getting the wonderful green badge then! Well done you too. it's amazing to find yourself running for 30 minutes, isn't it. Don't know about you but I can vividly remember struggling to run back in week 2. I went to get my gait analysis done and before I was properly in the shop door I'd told the guy behind the counter I could only just run for a couple of minutes and was in a panic about going on the treadmill and shooting off the back! Fingers crossed for you for runs 2 and 3 - hope the rain and wind settle down soon. I'm sure you'll do it, and you'll probably find it easier than the first one :-) Will let you know if I survive that park run :-)

  • Well done on a fantastic achievement and enjoy your Parkrun. :-)

  • Thank you, I'll try :-)

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