W9 R3 at last!

Hello all.... Guess what I did!!!

I went on Porthcawl Parkrun! My PB for my previous 5k runs (over 3 years ago) was 36 mins and 37 seconds... Today I ran the whole way in 38 mins and 42 seconds!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! I even did a sprint to finish! Well I ran for 9 mins more than I'm used to but I feel great! and my friend who has been doing it for a year stuck with me the whole way even though her time is around the 27 mins.

I have Graduated!!!!!! Whoop, whoop

Please feel free to join in the party!

Happy running all...



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22 Replies

  • No wonder you feel great - graduation, park run and a 5K in very good time. Well done on your graduation. Enjoy your success and best wishes to you.

  • Thanks! I even walked the dog 2 miles after my dinner! x

  • Congratulations! You must be feeling absolutely great. Go get your graduate badge!

  • Thanks! Just applied! I feel amazing!! Tired now though! x

  • Well done, it's fantastic to finish the programme, and 5k in under 40mins is a great achievement. You've inspired me to get back running too. Don't forget to click on the graduation badges pinned post and ask for your badge!

  • It was a hilly course! and it's the first time in 3 years I've run that far! My PB from my skinny days is 36.37. Almost there already!!!

  • Oh that is super, well done! Nice of your friend to stay with you too, mine did the same for me two weeks ago to give me moral support. Go get your badge! x

  • I told her to go ahead but she said that today was all about me! I really did appreciate the company. I'm really proud of myself. Didn't think I'd run the whole way!

  • Well done. Sprinting as well. Enjoy the rest of the Easter break.

  • Thanks! Well... What I call sprinting... I was rubbish at school!

  • Porthcawl is my nearest park run. I'm not a morning runner but truthfully, having seen their times, I'm too nervous to attempt it. Thanks for posting. I will give this a try soon as now it's becoming a bit of an mind obstacle (made that up because the word I'm looking for has escaped me) with me.

  • I'm going this week. If you want I can meet up with you if your worried about not knowing anyone.

  • I've been pondering your kind offer all night. I have promised to go National Trusting with husband on Saturday but he quite often changes his mind (AKA can't get out of bed) & so I've been trying to work out if I'm brave enough yet. I'm still not sure but sorely tempted. Definitely going to keep the next few Saturdays after this one free. I mustn't let this become so big that I can't do it.

  • No problem. When your free message me and we can meet up. My friend knows a lot of people there and will be happy to introduce you

  • Thank you so much. I really appreciate this.

  • More the merrier! I also know what it's like going somewhere on your own! I joined a gym and train and do classes where I know no one. Good thing I'll talk to anyone!!!

  • Yay well done you. A hilly course too! Bring out the bunting mustgetthin! You must feel so darn happy. Waletta 'mind obstacle' I like that. May be you 2 could go on a 2 legged race at the next park run! :-D

  • Now that sounds like fun & maybe the only way to get me there.

  • I managed mine today as well!!! Although nowhere near as succesful as yours- I merely limped over the 30 minute mark..A bit of a disasterous run, but my final C25K run nonetheless.

    Congrats on that time! That's fantastic! As well as doing the ParkRun! Well done :)

  • I have days where I feel to weak to cheer at the end! I have days where I ache from the first step. It's all swings and roundabouts. Well done for completing!

  • Congratulations to Mustgetthin and BethRF, Really well done both.

  • Thank you!

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