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New running shoes didn't make me run faster, I want my money back :-)

Actually got gait analysis done at last. Overpronating like billy-oh. New shoes strapped on this morning. Went out down the towpath. Waterlogged in spots, felt bad for expensive new shoes.

Stamina run felt extra hard today, not sure whether that's down to the new shoes or the effect of yesterday's indoor-skydiving on my core muscles. Or the effect of all the post-skydiving beer and 10-pin bowling.


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when I got new shoes for overpronation my legs ached for a couple of runs. put it down to using new muscles & them getting used to running in a better style.

hope you feel better soon. shelley x


Thanks Shelley, that's good to know. I am hoping it will gradually feel more comfortable as I activate new muscles and run in a better style.


It can take a while to adapt to new shoes - just build up gently until you are used to them.

Or drink more beer so it doesn't hurt. *

* this is not recognized medical advice and is probably best ignored ;-)


Lol sound advice, off to the pub immediately :-)


Ha ha!! I dare you to take them back to the shop!




When I bought proper running shoes (a fortnight ago), the salesguy gave me this advice:

If you're regularly running for 30 - 35 minutes now, only go running for twenty minutes the first time that you wear the new shoes. The time after that, go 25 minutes or so. Then go back to your usual workout.

To do this, I went back and used the podcast for w5r3 and then for week 8. I think it made a big difference to ease my way into using the new shoes... and it shaved about four minutes off of my 5K run time! (From 34 min down to about 30!)

Good luck with them!


Thanks Matt that is excellent advice I will do that today.


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