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W3 r2 - first one outside

After my couple of weeks off I went and bought some proper running shoes and built myself back up slowly to week 3. Completed the first run on the treadmill but tonight I felt the outdoors calling despite the frosty temperatures so I put on the new clothes and took off into the night.

I ran to the local hospital (just in case) and back and it felt great. Not as easy as an indoor run but the sense of achievement was great once I'd finished. Can't wait until Friday for the next one now :)

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Nice work and brilliant idea to run towards a hospital. Perhaps I should add a clinic on my routes, some days you need it!! Glad you enjoyed the run outside, the changing scenery and fresh air adds a whole new element to running and is great for clearing your head.


Good for you, running outside is definitely harder (at least for me). I twisted my ankle two weeks after graduating, and I'm hoping to get signed off by the physiotherapist on Friday. Love the idea of running towards a hospital!! lol

Well done!


Running outside is harder physically, I think, but easier mentally. On a treadmill I find it so hard to not just watch the timer constantly and focus on how long there is to go; out of doors there's always something to distract a bit - even running in the dark. :)

Well done for giving it a try - happy running! :)


LOL. Reading that it occurs to me that the furthest points of my usual 5k and 10k routes are a cemetary and a Funeral director's respectively. Had not considered this before. Hopefully will not come in handy.


Go you..out there despite the cold.. it is fun isn't it! :)

Slow and steady, and apart from really severe conditions.. you can get out there in any weather and the sense of achievement is brilliant! :)


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