W6R2 ... this was Laura's revenge

well let's just say that I got through that one, but only by digging in and pushing through my lead-legs after just 5 mins. My own fault for ignoring her words and belting through the previous run (I know I pushed too hard last time).. plus I have been out on the bike during rest days - perhaps I'm not quite ready yet....

so onto a positive, since that was the last session with intervals, it means no more walking for me... which also means that from now on ....

I'm gonna be a run-ner

I'm gonna be a run-ner

I'm gonna be a run-ner

would anyone guess that I am pretty darned chuffed with my little self!

Run Happy everyone ....

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  • Well done you! You are gonna be a runner! Did run 3 of week 6 this morning and am on a high, so fantastic to think how far we've got. Here's to your next run! :)

  • Honestly I think I am still on the high of doing 20 mins from W5R3 last Sunday.

    And yes the progress is amazing - I have tried to keep blogging after each run - & reading though most of them this morning I still chuckle that I was apprehensive about running for 3 mins in one go - and this was just 4 weeks ago!

  • Oh how true I am contemplating week two on Monday.Your words give me encouragement.

  • You already are a runner. :D But it does feel so much more like it once Laura has told you so 'officially'! Enjoy your 'I'm a runner' run. :)

  • I'm certainly starting to feel a bit more like a runner now that I can run for longer....

    ... just so pleased that I am getting through each run one at a time

  • I did exactly the same thing!! Found that one a hard one but I know aswell because I was super tired and hadn't ate much! Will be doing W6R3 on Tuesday as I away this weekend eeeekkkk!!! Good luck with the next run! Xx

  • I never thought about it - but yes I was yawning all yesterday afternoon and also hadn't eaten that much .... maybe I was getting runners fatigue ... oh I hope so - that means I'm doing something right

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