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W6R2 - not feeling it


this morning's run was a real struggle - for the first time during the programme I really thought that I might have to stop and that last minute was a real struggle, despite going so sloooowly by the end that I was virtually going backwards. It's the first time that I have come back feeling demoralised rather than elated. I feel like I paced myself well, followed all the usual routines - guess it just 'one of those days'? However, it has knocked my confidence a bit - worried that the 25 mins on Friday might be a step too far... should I repeat the run, or as I did manage to complete it (just!) carry on to R3?

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No, don’t repeat. Repeating something you’ve already done but struggled with can be demoralising. Try to analyse why today was harder. Sleep, hydration, weather, route, ground conditions, something on your mind ? If you can pin any problems down you’ll know what to watch for in the future. When you go for the next time, be aware and calm about the fact that you may not complete it first time. Relax and aim to enjoy seeing what you can manage. Take it slow and steady, and if you don’t get through first time (and you probably will) note what you’ve achieved and walk the rest. The following time, aim to beat that. And so on, as many times as it takes. Bodies need time to adjust: natural growth is not a straight line progression. Always remember the First Rule of C25k: The only run you fail is the run you don’t go for. Happy running x

PaulS83 in reply to ButtercupKid

Well said!

seashells13Graduate in reply to ButtercupKid

Thanks so much for the advice Buttercup - think I have worked out the problem - as the day has gone on I have felt more and more nauseous, so pretty sure I have the bug that's been going round at work! I really liked your point that growth is not a straight line progression and will definitely have that in mind if I ever feel that way again!

ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to seashells13

That would make a lot of sense. No wonder you struggled - with a bug threatening, you did well to get through. Rest up, keep your fluids up, and get well soon x


You finished the run so move on. Some runs may not feel as good as others but that's ok keep going 😊


No, move on to the next one. We all have runs that don't feel as good, generally with no explanation for it!.

That just makes the good ones feel even better 😊

That’s so weird I was gonna post the exact same message about W6R3. I did it this morning and finished it,but boy was it a struggle. I know exactly how you feel. I felt demoralised, but then my daughter reminded me that 6 weeks ago I was scared of running for 3 mins and I had just struggled my way through 25. So there must be some progress. Good luck with your next one. We are getting there!!

seashells13Graduate in reply to Islerunner

Very good point isle runner! Thank you!

I am with buttercup on this one. You did the run; move on. There is a bit of a clue in your post when said you were going so slowly by the end. You need to start the long runs really really slowly. Success is just running for the allotted time. Too much pace is a risk and therefore a negative. When you get through C25k and read about people building up pace through negative splits, it is based on the principle of starting slowly and gradually increasing pace lap on lap as the run proceeds. At your stage, I would start the longer runs really slowly and keep it that way! It sounds as though your body needs to build up a bit before you press the accelerator. There will be plenty of time to use techniques to build up speed and/or distance post C25k. Then you can really lift off🚀😊


Keep the faith! I graduated a few years ago and still remember how tough the return to intervals felt after the non stop 20 min run at the end of W5! I think the mental battle is hardest here but you have put in all the work and I promise you, you are ready for the 25 minute run. 👍🙂 Ease your pace if you need to but believe you can do it! Kick any negative 'gremlins' well in to the curb and tell yourself you've got this!! Good luck 😀


Thanks so much to everyone for the replies - this forum has really proved invaluable for me - so much excellent and supportive advice!

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