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Week 8 over - but it was hard in that wind!

Yesterday I completed one of the hardest runs I've done since starting the program about 8 weeks ago.

It was W8R3, so i knew what was in store for me. What I hadn't anticipated was the strength of the wind, which was against me for the first 7 minutes (all up hill), then directly across me for the next 10 minutes.

To be honest, I didn't think i would make it to ten minutes: my breathing was laboured and it was like running through treacle.

Then again the folks on this forum came to my rescue and in my head I heard your voices: "just think how good you feel afterwards", "if i can do it anyone can", "it's about running to the end, not how fast you go", etc etc.

So thanks (again) - i did feel rough afterwards. But week 9 is just around the corner (tomorrow/thursday) and as they say tomorrow is another day!

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Wonderfully done, Mo!! Not only did you conquer the run, you also overcame the wind!!

Now, you have just one week left!! How incredibly chuffed you must be with yourself and deservedly so!! Knock out those last three runs and get yourself that wonderful "Graduate" badge!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks matey - I've already knocked out run number 1!

Really appreciate your support :-)


Running in the wind is awful, so well done for completing your run amazing. 3 runs left for your graduation badge you have certainly earnt it, well done you :-)


Thanks rolphie2 (is there another one?). That run was a very dark place and it's so encouraging to hear that others know how the wiind takes it out of you.

Todays run fell completely difference, so much so oi had to slow myself down!

Thanks for your encouragement :-)


It's amazing the support on this forum I too found my run this morning difficult with a massive head wind it felt like a wasn't moving and by 5 minutes my breathing and pace still hadn't settled but like you I thought of everyone on here and how far we'd all come. Good luck for week 9 (the music gets slightly better too)


Thanks alliec - after the last run i was dreading week 9, but then your comment about the music getting better got my interest up.

You are right w9 music is definitely better, much more upbeat (so i know what sort of rhythm to look for in my music collection).

Keep at it in this horrible weather - cheers Mo x


Well done, wind is horrible! Great advice you gave yourself on the way round too! I do exactly the same thing if I start to struggle in a run, I think of all the wise words and support on here. Not long to go now till graduation! Good luck for week 9 :)


Rollertoaster - what a FAB name!

It's good to know other people encourage themselves in the same way. Week 9 started well, fingers crossed i stay injury free so that i can get to the end and focus on what comes next.

Thanks for the encouragement - Mo :-)


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