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Man, that was hard going :-(

So, the post C25K journey continues.

Last week I was determined to run 5km to prove to myself that the only other time I did it was not a fluke. I did not care about the pace, I did not care about the time, all I cared about was getting the distance.

And I did it.

5.24km in 40mins followed by a frantic phone call to my hubby that started with the words "Help me". Yes, I'd got the distance I wanted, but it took a lot out of me and although I kept walking (staggering), he did have to come and pick me up, was just too far from home for me to make it back. As I sat sobbing in the car I decided that running (even the light jogging/stumbling that I do) is not fun and I would never be doing it again.

All my own fault, pushed it too far when I should know what my limits are. I just felt that I'd peaked a few weeks ago and was now going backwards, I needed to prove I could do it.

Today was the first run I've done since then and could I have picked a worse day!!?? The sun was out, not too warm though which was good, but boy oh boy! The wind was a nightmare! For at least 28mins of the 30 I ran I was being buffeted by a blustery headwind which I've since found out was over 20mph!! No wonder I was going so slowly. 3.92km in 30mins at an average of 7:40mins per km. Not the best I've ever run, but with 6 days off and the weather against me I don't think I can be too upset. However, I will definitely try and get out at the weekend and try not to leave that much time between runs again. On the plus side, at least I was still able to make it to the 30mins no matter how slow I was. Obviously I have managed to build up some stamina ;-)

Happy running everyone! :-) x

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Amazing! A bad run is better than no run, of course!!


Glad you've got back from "running is not fun and I would never be doing it again"! (I've got that t-shirt too! But back again now!)

I'd strongly recommend mixing up the distances and paces - I have found that I quite like doing shorter faster runs - as short as ten minutes, but at 'as fast as I can go' for variety, and it's good to find out that I don't just have 'very slow' as my only pace. :)


You did it and it wasn't a fluke! Onwards and upwards!


oh I like that ten minute idea Greenlegs! well done bexbridge, it is really windy out and I thinkyou deserve a big ppat on the back for getting back out there.


I can almost run a mile (from my house to the edge of the village and back) in ten minutes, so it's quite a nice one to use to measure progress - or lack of! Seems a bit like cheating though so I make myself do something else as well, usually some yoga. But I do actually quite enjoy it. :)


Ok, it's have another run day, think I'll take your advice though Greenlegs and perhaps try a shorter run but maybe a little faster. My whole running schedule has been thrown into turmoil for the next 2 weeks anyway as I'll be working every morning Mon-Fri until 12.30pm and, as previously noted, I need to run BEFORE lunch. Oh dear :-( Still, need the money and beggars can't be choosers! :-) Think all runs next week will be short but at least it'll be something.

Oh, and I must get my playlist sorted. I need that Puff Daddy song, it all goes wrong when I'm without it x


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