Week 9 Is it always this hard?

All you graduates...I need to know whether running for 30 minutes ever gets any easier. I did week 9 run 2 before breakfast today and the first 15 minutes were sheer hell, then 10 marginally better mins then a final 5 mins of me trying ( and failing I think) to try to go a modicum faster. My son said it doesn't get easier, you just get used to it being difficult! I'm hoping someone can motivate me by telling me how much they now love running ( normal unfit people, not super athletes!)


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15 Replies

  • Hi Phil

    I was totally unfit when I started this and can honestly say it does get easier.

    Some days are hard. I did 3 k tonight and found it hard but did 7 earlier in the week and didn't struggle at all so just depends.

    I do however love running and am totally addicted and I don't think I'm speaking out of turn when I say most people on this programme would say the same.

    Just make sure you go at a steady pace. Forget the time for now and just go along at a pace that suits you.

    Hopefully you will find what works for you and will be running one day and suddenly realise that you are running freely and enjoying it.

    Oh, and I most definitely am not some super fit athlete 😃

    Jules xx

  • I think you sort of get used to it and definitely some days are horrible and other days are easier with no rhyme or reason.

    I wasn't really expecting anything when I started (beginning of March) and I was surprised from W1 R1 all the way through to W9 R3 - and carry on being a bit surprised every time I actually pop the running shoes on and head out the door!

    I never thought I could run let alone love it - but Couch to 5K is an amazing thing to do and now you've nearly done it too. I'd say go slow and just enjoy the feeling - forget about speed etc - it really doesn't matter :o)

  • Well I have only just graduated and have a completely unsporty background. Some runs are harder than others for me and I can't always find a reason. Personally I think the best way is to start very very slowly then up it to very slowly and see if that helps. Sometimes I go too fast and it becomes a hard slog. Hope it gets better for you. Keep it up and let us know how it's going. Don't

  • Don't give up! Is what I meant to add!

  • Yes running for 30 minutes should get easier when you start running for longer I have increased my runs to 40 mins and 30 seems much easier to me now !! I am also addicted though ;)

  • I love this idea though I can't imagine running for 40 minutes at the moment!

  • I think your son has hot the nail on the head!

  • 'Hit' the nail on the head not 'hot'!

  • -Yes - it does get easier -- it's just that it doesn't feel so!! :)

    It obviously does get easier - because I can run a parkrun without even thinking about it now -- but I am still knackered at the end!! :) It obviously does get easier because my training has me running out to 16K on a weekly basis now -- but it still hurts!! :)

  • I struggle with the first ten minutes , I sometimes think to myself "Oh I've done it wrong , can I stop and start again please " I just have to dig deep and get that thought out of my head and carry on . I've had runs where I can't wait for them to end and runs where I don't want to stop !

    I know I am always glad I went out there and did it though . It's the best feeling ever ! :-)

    Keep plugging away Phil , you are doing great , keep going :-) xxx

  • Thanks so much. Last run tomorrow until I too am a GRADUATE!!! I really can't believe it. After that I'll be running along coastal paths on holiday... Another challenge!

  • I think it does get easier, but you will probably always try and push it that little bit, so it will still be hard if that makes any kind of sense...when you do a longer run, the shorter ones will feel easier - at the moment you probably struggle to run, say, 3.5K, once you can do 5K 3.5 will feel easier...

  • Hi Phil,

    I'm a normal unfit person, i'm short and round just not as round as I was :)

    I love running! some runs are awful and some are awesome its just getting the balance and not letting the rubbish ones knock your confidence, slow and steady wins the race is my motto.

    It will come just keep at it :)

  • Thanks. That's really encouraging 😊

  • One thing I noticed first thing in your post is you said "before breakfast", that is a good way to have a run be a tough one as I assume you went out on an empty belly. Your body needs the nutrition to run for 30 minutes. I find a spoonful of peanut butter to do the trick about a 45 minutes before a run.

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