When did that happen

Just some thoughts really, after finally running 10k last Saturday , which I find myself keep looking at my runkeeper splits and saying "did I do that? "

I now find myself thinking what next , apart from running it quicker haha , I started to put in various km's and miles into a distance converter app..

Somehow seems like my next goal is going to be 10 miles or 16k + a little bit :)

And there I was just over a year ago saying , nah 5k is far enough , then it was 10k and now 10 miles , will it end there I ask myself :D

The reasoning behind it ?? Goodness knows what has happened since I started to run , think the running elfs have come in at night and have done some rewiring of the old neural nerves and signals or is it more simply because I can and I bloomimg love running

The last option is probably the more plausible and that is insanity or old age senility haha

Don't you just love running : D

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  • Woooohoooo!!!!! Well done Rob! We all knew you had it in you to do whatever you set out to do. Ten miles is perfectly do-able now you've done 10k. You can have a lot of fun training for it. If you could find a 10 mile race that would be a blast. I have one lined up for July. A hilly one! I missed it last year cos of the dreaded shin splints so can't wait to have another go at it.

    For a training route, I'd go for a picturesque one if at all possible so you enjoy it more. You will need a walking break or break for a snack or two, so it's good to have some lovely scenery to survey while you catch your breath. Make yourself some home made energy bars. Yum!!!!! I just had one of mine, as I walked the neighbour's dog then did some physical jerks in the lounge. Just the thing for topping up flagging energy. I made some "chocolates" last night using dates, apricots, almonds, cocoa etc and then rolled them in coconut. Can't wait to try one. Portable feasts!

    Good luck with the training Rob! You rock!!!!!

  • Thanks missw :) very useful advise too , will start looking at some different places to run , now hopefully spring is slowly coming every where will look wonderful :)

    Your energy treats sound so yummy :)

    Fuelling and hydration were next on my list of info etc for these longer runs now ..

  • Ha, ha ha! You know my other half did the cambridge half marathon a couple of weeks ago, there's me saying, no, no, I'm happy with my 5's and 10,s (got a few 10k's booked for this year) and now im thinking, well, if I get more comfortable with 10k, what then? ................😄, and everything at the weekend is now planned around park run......... 😄

    Happy days!


  • Very happy days indeed Madge :) how things change and so much for the better , just shows you what a 1 min run can lead too :)

    I dropped parkrun to concentrate on distance but may do the odd one just to mix things up :)

  • Wonderful! As a very recent graduate I love these posts from the "older" graduates. They are so inspiring. It's exciting to think where I may be in a year's time. Although I'm quite happy with 5k at the moment. Will I be one of the fantastic graduates who runs long distances with such enthusiasm? Or will I be one of the many who fall by the wayside - of which there are also a lot! I know what I want😎

  • We all inspire each other .really there is nothing to stop us achieving anything except ourselves

    C25K is the key to unlocking doors we may have mentally closed ...

    Stick with it jayseeskinny :D work at it but really keep enjoying it :D

  • You...fall by the wayside...? No chance!

  • Missing your posts Oldfloss! Missing my runs as well, but that at least is a good sign, as the last couple of days a run was unthinkable. Maybe, maybe I will shake this lurgy off by the weekend, the sunshine we've got here is making me start thinking about going for a walk.

    And I think I'm responding to every post on this forum!

    Thank you for your faith in me! But all those graduates who have fallen by the wayside were also enthusiastic when doing the program. I often wonder what makes the difference. Did they get injured? Did life get in the way? Why do some go on and others stop?

  • I was out injured last year , the thought of giving up occasionally fleeted through my thoughts but really the draw of running was stronger :)

  • Brilliant!

    We certainly do love running Rob.. and if this is old age, senility or just plain loopy, then bring it on!!!!

    Like you, I am having a great time.... or would be when this blessed lurgy monster departs!!!

  • Awww hope you are feeling better soon oldfloss :)

  • You are a mean, keen, running machine Rob.. :)

    Fantastic acheivement, and it is great to be able to record all the details to pore over afterwards... lol :)

    Early days for me and I'm not as ambitious as you have become, but this program has given us a lot to be thankful for.

    Who knows how far you will run 'You're king of the world baby'...

    10 miles ...half marathon...:) :)

    Take us with you though won't you.

  • I am certainly leaner and can run :)

    thanks Jan :) I wasn't ambitious at all and to a point don't see that I am now ... 10 miles would be an amaxing distance for me .. something to be very proud of as an ex smoker and real couch potato :D

  • Ha ha. Didn't want to put lean in case you still have a tummy... :)

    10 miles is a long way...

    Have fun training for it.. and good luck.x

  • Thanks again Jan :) x

  • I can definitely see you heading for the 10miles and beyond Rob! 😊it's funny how the distances creep up on you! 😆

    Ps in definitely in the slightly insane middle aged category! At run club last night there must have been about 60 of us turned up to run a hilly route i the pouring rain! 😊

  • Haha that is the best part i think, where we would have stayed on the nice warm couch we now go out in all weathers and do amazing things :)

    I haven't had a cold or Been unwell since I stopped smoking and started running, even if I have felt below par after a good night's sleep I am fighting fit the next day :)

    Another added bonus for me :)

  • Rob, you are becoming a running machine. Great to hear how well you are doing. A half marathon must be insight?

  • Thanks slow :) depending on how it goes that would be the ultimate goal , no definite plans though and no timescale

  • Careful now... or next year you'll be running a Marathon! :) I loved the 10 k distance, and once done it for the first time it had become a weekly habit - until the iC...

    Happy running!

  • Thanks Pigivi :) will be very careful, think a M would be a step to far ...

  • Fantastic Rob ! Yay , Go us , ex - Nicotine addicts and former couch spuds running our socks off all over the gaff !

    More power to your runners Rob ! You will nail that 10 miler , no problem ! :-) xxx

  • They should do a film poppy :)

    10 miles doesn't seem that far once you have run 6 lol xxx

  • Well done. Great achievement.

  • Thanks island :)

  • So pleased to read your post Rob. You've made excellent progress since your spell on the IC, well done :)

    I know what you mean about thinking 5km is enough, then 10km ... it is very addictive :) The more that you can do, the more you want to do :) You just need to make sure that the increase is not too steep, so you don't land back on the IC. I'm adding about a km per month to my Sunday run, the other two runs stay at 35mins. It was you that persuaded me to only lengthen one run per week :)

    I like you running elfe theory. Elves certainly run very fast, and have lots of stamina, they can run all day without getting tired apparently, unlike dwarves that get knackered (see Legolas). Unfortunately, I like much more like a dwarf than an elf :( (or at best a hobbit :) )

    Just got back from a gentle 6km run this morning, and was delighted to see you post.

    Happy running Rob :)

  • Zev ! Great to hear from you and thanks :)

    My approach now is much more cautious and if I drop a run occasionally I don't beat myself up.

    So glad to hear your running is still going strong too :D

  • Mixing things up is the best idea Rob. Fast 3 ks, the odd parkrun, hills, etc etc all grist to the running mill. It's not just about further.

    I'm joining you on the going further trail as I've not done anything longer than 10 k since hurting myself way back when. I have a 10 miler coming up so have to be ready. It's a hilly one too. Yuk!

  • Thanks miss. I do the usual 1 long run 1 5k and 1 shorter run a week .

    Up til now I haven't specifically done any speed work or hills as I am wary that it was those that were a step to far before and my extended stay on the ic

    I will now start to gradually mix up my shorter run with some intervals but nothing to drastic

    I have no specific time scale to achieve the distance or pace .

    I will he booking a 10k for June as it is the one I should have done last year but couldn't due to the injury ..

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