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Week 8 - up and running!

Morning All - well that's run 1 sorted. I did feel those extra 3 minutes but once I had nearly done them I thought to myself that I could definately do another 2 minutes which would take me to the magic "30 minutes" barrier. Didn't as that's for next week - no-one likes a smart-arse :) ! But it did make me feel very positive.

Overall my distance is at 4.88k (or just over 3 miles for us oldies) but that is for the entire session which includes the 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down walks (done at a pace of 4mph). I am running at 5mph which I will stick at for the next few sessions and then see if I can perhaps push it a little further which will increase my distance.

Hope everyone else is getting on ok? x

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Very well done Sue! We wouldnt dare call you a smart arse.....but you made the right decision! You have 2 more attempts to nail the 28 mins and then plenty of time after that to do the 30 mins so best not to push too hard.

Enjoy the rest of week 8 and then on to Grad week - woo hoo!!

Sue x


Brilliant, well done, you should be very very proud x


Such a cute blog and I can feel your excitement! So happy for you! Such a feeling to know you could of done it, but as Sue said, you will have plenty of time...:-) You are getting sooooooo close! Gayle


Thanks for your kind comments everybody. So determined to do this and I can't quite believe its getting close now!


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