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Shout out to Sweatshop!

After struggling with niggling injuries for the last month which eventually resulted in me dropping back from week 7 to week 3, I decided that part of the issue was my brand spanking new Mizuno running shoes. Just outside the 28 day window, I took them back to Sweatshop to seek their advice.

I couldn't fault their customer service. After discussing the problems I was experiencing, they did the whole gait analysis from scratch, tried several other pairs of running shoes and happily exchanged them for a pair of adidas. Been running for over a week in them now and am feeling the benefits already.

Old fashioned customer service at its best!

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Wow. I'm planning to get my gait analysed when I get paid. Have been running in barefoot trainers, but have had a problem with my right leg for about 5 weeks now. Am hoping that it can be fixed by gait analysis and the right pair of shoes. *fingers crossed*


Which Sweatshop was this ? I went to the one in Gateshead and found them pretty uninterested, not helpful at all.


I have to agree with you Saruma; the two Sweatshops I have visited have both been exceptional in customer service and I am always "bigging them up" on this forum! They can be a bit more pricey than other sports shops but they really know what they are talking about and they care without being pushy.

Getting the correct shoes for your individual gait is so important and glad that it seems to have solved the problem.



that's really good. I haven't tried the gait analysis yet, as I'm a bit skint, but my daughter used to run every monday night with our local sweatshop, they're a lovely friendly bunch down there (I used to sit outside with my Starbucks, LOL)


It was the shop in Meadowhall (sheffield), BigGinger. It's very popular, always packed out on a weekend. The staff are fantastic.


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