Done it! And realise now that this is actually the start :-)

Yes - just done Week 9 Run 3 :-) I was a little sad as I started out - this was my last run with Laura and the Podcasts (perhaps this should be a band!). But somewhere along the way I realised that actually what I had seen as a horizon - is really just the beginning - a sort of warm-up (to use a familiar phrase!) for the main event - which starts today :-)

So not sad at all now - in fact quite elated - can you tell from the frequent smileys?

Absolutely worth every breath, every aching muscle and every wet, muddy step!

Happy running and good luck with your next run :-)


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27 Replies

  • Congratulations? Just the start of amazing things :)

  • Thanks TJFlute - yes I couldn't agree more :-)

  • Well done Goldstar! Congratulations on your graduation. You deserve to be elated!!!

    I've just started wk 8 and have been wondering what it'll be like to graduate and what will happen to my motivation it's great to think of this being a warm up to future progress.

  • Hi Jemimatoo, thanks for your support.

    Good luck with your Week 8 runs - you are almost there too :-)

  • Well done! Good luck as you continue your running journey.:) :)

  • Thanks AliB1 - yes it feels as though I'm about to set off on an new adventure - to where? I'm not quite sure yet! - but I think it will be worth the effort :-)

  • Brilliant Goldstar! Enjoy the moment, celebrate and be very proud! You are so right by saying it is the warm up for the main event; let the show begin!!

    Congratulations! Sue x

  • Thanks Sue - everyone is so supportive - it is amazing.

    Good luck with your running too :-)

  • Well done Goldstar! It is indeed the beginning for many of us, so, let it be and happy running xox delia

  • Hi Delia

    Your blogs are brilliant - very visual and entertaining :-) Congratulations on your recent graduation - your graduate badge looks fab and is very well earned :-)

    Thanks for your support and good luck with your next run :-)

  • Thank you dear Gold Star and wihing you many running goldstars in the futire, delia

  • You're right Goldstar it is just the begining after running wk9 run2 the other day and feeling quite emotional at Laura's little patter at the end I had mixed feelings for my graduation run this morning however a few technical issues with an iphone update resulted in confusion (it was 0730) so i ran a route a knew was 5K to my own music. The result, I can't believe I've made it but i've registered for Parkrun and comitted to keeping going.

    Thank you for your optomistic words, Allie

  • Thanks Allie and congratulations on your graduation :-)

    It seems we have overcome another hurdle (life without Laura!) and are ready for the next challenge. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but - as with previous C25K hurdles - it appears and is passed before I quite know what happened :-)

    Good luck with your Parkrun - I'm sure it will be one of many more runs for you :-)

  • Very well done! Congratulations Graduate! :-) please continue to blog and yes, this is just the beginning of your journey! Gayle. :-)

  • Thanks Gayle and many thanks for all of your blogs along the way - they are a great inspiration to all of us :-)

    Best wishes and good luck with your running :-)

  • Congratulations, Goldstar!! You have every reason to be elated!!! YOU DID IT!!!

    Keep running!! :-)


  • I know - can't quite believe it yet! Thanks for your support Steve :-)

  • Well done Goldstar! You are a Graduate!!! Don't forget to ask John for your shiny badge. Top of the page, directory, admin, then message him.

    I too was so upset not going to have Laura to hold my hand, but guess what? She's in stepping stones (your next pod), speed and stamina, so yeeeah Laura's back!

    Keep in Running! :-)

    Colette x

  • Thanks Colette - and look - shiny new badge now :-)

    That's great news - looking forward to the next podcasts!

  • Congratulations, Goldstar - you did it :)

  • Thanks Anniemurph - I've been grinning at everyone all day - they probably think I've won the lottery or lost it completely! From the amaxing feedback to this post I'm guessing my fellow graduates all get it :-)

    Good luck with your running :-)

  • Brilliant title to your blog - you hit the nail on the head! Congratulations and welcome to the rest of your running life!

  • Thanks Nevertoolate - and what a great username - very positive :-)

  • Good luck Goldstar-your badge is twinkling away there :-)

    A shame we don't get or can't buy a real badge to wear on our running T shirts.

    Enjoy the new pods.

    And keep on Running!!! :-)

  • Thanks Pearsey - yes, although I think a t-shirt with a C25K logo will be easily recognisable to anyone on this Forum :-)

    Godd luck with your runs too :-)

  • Brilliantly done (appropriately) by one of a happy band of stars - though one has said maybe you should get out more .... Keep shining through the mud.

  • Thanks magstar - yes there has been some mud along the way! :-)

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