Newbie starting out!

Hi everyone!

I'm new here and am hoping to start Couch to 5k at the weekend.

After loosing 6 stone through Slimming World, I feel that I really need to start getting fit and toning up and am in a position to be able to do that now.

Really, my question is regarding shoes! I have a pair of Everlast running trainers from SportsDirect but am worried whether they are going to be good enough? I didn't buy them specifically for this purpose to be honest!

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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17 Replies

  • Welcome, and you've show great determination and great success already. You're going to fit in here very well.

    You'll be fine with those shoes, at least for the first few weeks. Don't rush out and buy something... give it a few weeks.

  • Thank you, thats really helpful.

    Looks like i'm good to go then!

  • Hey! Congrats on starting C25K, it's brilliant! I started out in a pair of cheapo trainers from TKMaxx but soon realised they were not up to the job. Around wk 3 or 4 I bought myself some ASICS Ventures and haven't looked back. The shoes don't have to cost a bomb - mine were under 40 quid online. If your Everlasts are comfy for now stick with them. Good luck!

  • Thanks for your reply. I guess i'll soon find out if they are any good or not, maybe for the first couple of weeks but then look into getting something better.

  • Wow! Good for you! Now is a good time. You have lost a lot of weight and I bet are raring to go now that you can move more. I bet you are feeling oh-so-very-much better now. More energised

    I got my first pair of running shoes from SD. Karrimor Tempo, and they are fine (half size bigger than my normal shoes) They are comfy! Lidl run sale starts next Thursday and they have some in for £14.99 I believe. All colours. Have a look at their online blurb. I did have a close look at some last time and they looked really very nice. They would be good enough for C25k. The Tempo lasted me for ages. I still have them infact. They do a trail version too. The Everlast won't be running shoes I don't think. Might be ok though for C25k purposes as you only run a tiny bit to start with

    Good luck. The first run is the hardest. Go very slowly! Have fun

  • Thank you! I do feel very much better now and have a lot more energy, so thought i'd do something with it!

    Maybe i'll have to take a trip to Lidl, our closest is about 30 miles away but it looks and sounds as though it could be worth it! There online blurb looks very good.

    I'm actually really looking forward to I mad? Haha!

  • Yep... We are all mad... Running... for fun!


    Seriously, well done with your weight loss. Enjoy C25K, there will good and bad runs, just remember if it feels too hard you are probably running too fast.

    Best thing I ever did (ermm beside wife, children blah... blah :-D)

  • Haha, of course :-)

    Thank you, its been well worth the effort and that is great advice too. I will try to remember to start s-l-o-w-l-y and build up, thats if I don't collapse from exhaustion first go hehe! ;-D

  • If your going to collapse, make sure you pause the podcast/app first. Then once you've regained consciousness you can continue where you left of. Not sure it would count as a completed run though :-P

  • Haha, i'll remember that, thanks! ;-)

  • He he. I once saw someone running with a t-shirt that said "If you find me collapsed, please be so kind to pause my Garmin".

  • I have that t-shirt but it says "please pause my Strava"

    Think it was a £5.99 "late night special" eBay purchase.

  • Oh brilliant, love it!

  • Hehe :-)

  • Hi and welcome... the hardest step is starting, and you have.. you are here.

    Slow and steady, take the advice on the shoes...:) And..keep posting, it is great motivation :)

  • Well i did it, day one of week one is done and dusted and surprisingly ok and i didn't collapse! My shoes seemed fine except the ball of one foot seeming tender now.

    I'm feeling very proud of myself haha

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