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Week 7 done and dusted too

Finished week 7 on wednesday with run three on the treadmill but found it harder than run 2 but not sure why. I find my left calf aches to begin with then eases as I get halfway through and running to my own music makes it easier.

Start week eight tomorrow (sat) with ny first run of the week outside. I cant wait for the lighter nights again though when I can run outside all the time.

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Well done - only two weeks to go til you graduate. Interesting that running to your own music eases your calf pain - obviously the way to go. I agree about looking forward to the lighter nights... but we've got a long time to go. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the drama of running in the dark. Forgot to take a torch with me night before last and found myself running in pitch black for about 5 minutes along one stretch of road - it was quite exciting!


Week 8 already Philippa, amazing! Well done on completing week 7 despite some niggles of pain. I too prefer to run outside and like Viv enjoy running in the dark - something I never thought I would - but as long as I feel safe I will continue with this.

Enjoy your run today - I am out later too. Sue


Welcome to week 8, ebony!! Only two more weeks and you will be sporting one of those wonderful "Graduate" badges!! You are doing wonderfully!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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