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Week 5, run 3 coming up!

Hi all, I've been doing the couch to 5k plan for a lot longer than I should have been due to moving house twice!

I used to be OK at cross-country but hadn't run for years and combined with a high-chocolate diet I decided enough was enough and I needed to get fit!

Completed week 5 run 2 last night and although my legs were aching my recovery was pretty good. Feel really chuffed....on to week 5 run 3 on sunday!!

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Hi Run

If you are on W5 all that chocolate can't have done too much damage. Keep going and it will get easier. I am on W3R2 on sunday and looking forward to it. Ed


Welcome to the forum Forrest! Everyone here are very good at offering encouragement and motivation and by regularly posting about your experiences whilst progressing you will really benefit from it.

Dont give up the chocs, just run harder!! Enjoy your run on Sunday.

Sue x


Thanks both! :-)


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