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Please help! Week 6 run 3, how fast did I run??

Hello, I'm kind of new here! Been reading other blogs and posts and people are doing fab, can't wait to "graduate" now :)

So I've just done week 6 run 3! Manages to get outside and do it, which I love as mostly I'm on the treadmill due to having a little lady, usually I get up and do it at 6.30am before school and work!

This morning I tracked my run on Map my Run, and it said I ran 4.04km on 25 minutes. An average of 6.16min/km, but how fast is this, how many km per minute? I didn't include the warm up and cool down walks so this is just literally the running part! I can't get my head round working it out!

Any have a clue how to so the math??

Thanks in advance :)

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Erm slightly confused myself here! Looking for km per hour, which I may have finally worked out to being 9.6km per hour! Which I am very pleased with if its right haha!! X


Hiya! Yup, it's 9.69 (9.7)km/hour so well done you! That's a brilliant run. X


Yey! Thank you :) that's amazing.....made my day :) x


I always used to get pace and speed confused (doesn't take much). Basically, for a 30 min 5k, you are looking at a pace of 6mins/KM. You are doing really well :-)


Ooh thats good to know thank you :)

Haha was looking at first thinking no way was I only doing 6km per hour!!


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