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Getting comfortable with 30 minutes?

How long does it take to get comfy with running 30 minutes / 5k? I've done it 4 or 5 times now and I feel great when I do reach 5k but every single run has seen me so so tired that as soon as my phone tells me 5k, I stop and feel like I have trouble walking let alone running further!

I'd love to hit 7.5k for August / Sept time but struggling to run further than 5k at the moment.

Does anyone have any tips on increasing endurance or is it a case of practice, practice, practice?

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If you simply up the timing on one run a week by 10% then eventually the 30 minutes seem like the easier runs! It's all psychological I think.

Of course, every week that goes by you will be getting stronger and stronger so you won't feel so tired by the end of 30 minutes and should be able to walk home with ease :) I think realistically it takes another couple of months or more to get to that stage.


Thanks! I did think it was something psychological.

Half tempted to go out for a run with no reminders on the phone so I just run, no time limit, no distance and nothing to keep me up to date with my progress and see how that fares!

Will give upping the run by 10% to see how I get on :)


I push myself more on a 5k than I do on a longer run and I think that's the reason I don't feel comfy with it. On a longer run I have nothing to compare my time, pace etc with so I just plod along until I've had enough. I do run much much slower if I'm on a longer run and I usually enjoy long runs more than I do the 5k runs!

Like TJFlute said, it does take time and the mind also plays a massive part in it.


I suppose it doesn't help that I'm quite competitive. Every time I head out, I think 'Right, 5k today - let's beat that PB!'

I'll head out in a different direction on Saturday with no notifications or progress meters and see what happens :)


The 10% rule is to save you from injury, so don't go out with no time-scale because running for too long too soon is a classic mistake that graduates do and then often regret.The speed is supposed to be a gentle jog, so there's no stress of improving on pb etc. Enjoy!


I think Anon36 is right its all about pace - I won't find 5k easy unless I consciously make an effort to slow down below my usual pace. After doing both 5k and 10k races I found the effort level is pretty similar since you pace yourself for the longer distance. Its about keeping constant and a lot to do with just telling yourself you can keep going - one foot in front of the other!

As TJ says don't do yourself an injury just go out slow and aim to increase a little on your last run and you'll be surprised how the mileage builds up.


I am hoping that when Laura's new podcasts come out these will help as I too find it a struggle.


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