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5k or 30 minutes running?



I am on week 8 and am only managing to run 4k in 28 minutes! If I can't run 5k in

30 minutes will that mean that I will fail to graduate next week?

I am a short 53 year old female who is at least 2 stones overweight :(

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It's 30 minutes running don't worry about the 5k most of us don't achieve that


Thanks for the reply spoonierunning. I was a bit concerned because I do part of my training

with a running group and the distance has been extended to 5k and we have been told that

next week we will be running all of it!

No, it's definitely running for 30 minutes that counts. For some, that will coincide with 5km, but for (many) others it will not. It's really not important, but it is a shame about the name of the programme. C230M hasn't got quite the same ring to it.


Well 4k in 28 minutes is pretty good running for an undergrad!

As already said, many do not achieve 5k until some time later. The point of the program is to get you running for 30 minutes. It is a bonus if you can do 5k in that time, but do't let it be an issue. Just enjoy the running and good luck with week9.


Thank you all for your support :)

I remember how much of a struggle it was to run for 1 minute in week 1,

so to be able to run for this long, even though I am slow feels like quite an achievement!

I intend to keep trying to improve my speed until I can run 5k in 30 minutes.


I graduated yesterday (whoop whoop) and I didn't make the magical 5k in 30mins (my latest times is 36mins) so that's my new goal, keep running till I can get it!! my last 3 runs has seen me PB my 1mile, simply keep working at it :)


Well done Raina2001! I would be very pleased if I could do 5k in 36 minutes :)

Achieving our goals makes it all worth it and is something to strive for. I think

this running is very addictive :)


I graduated yesterday :) reached the required 30 minutes but kept going to see if I could reach 5k, I did, in 50 minutes !!Not a problem tho, speed will come !


Well done grannyjudes! That's brilliant!

Running longer than 20 minutes is SO hard, I can't imagine running

for 50 minutes non stop!


do you know I ran to my halfway mark, debated, thinking now could I run home if I had to, decided - could, so kept going the long way around as it were, then was almost at 5k so couldnt give up could I ? Its a mind game a lot of the time


I graduated a few weeks ago. The first couple of week after was to run 5k which I have now managed in about 35ish minutes. I will now be working on trying to get my time down on the 5k. When I was in week 8 and 9 my focus was definately on the 30min rather than achiveing the 5k in the time. Good luck and keep going


If you are 53, short and 2 stone overweight -- you are doing VERY well to run 4K in 28 minutes. If you can keep up that pace for an extra 1K , you would run 5K in 35 minutes -something it took me quite a while to do after graduating C25K to do. Last Saturday, I got it down to 33minutes - but the effort was so much I was close to puking after I crossed the finish line at parkrun :) Normally, on a weekly maintenance run at home I do the 5K in around 40 minutes - but that is at an almost conversational pace ( I "could" talk to people, but only just)


I was on holiday during the month of April and got away from my C25K program. Up to that point I was doing well with running endurance...not speedy...A few weeks ago, I restarted the program and I have been told by runners in my family to concentrate on endurance, not speed or distance. I'm also trying to make a transition from indoors to outdoors at the same time. 4k in 28 minutes is very good. I go in 5k's not to win the race but to give me more confidence in myself. Even if I finish last, at least I finished. I'm a 66 y/o overweight, great-grandma and I love what I'm doing for myself.

Bazza1234Graduate in reply to ginbin

re endurance. I think that your family runners are correct -- I have come to realise that time spent running (ie endurance) is the most important thing for me. It is really the determinant of how "fit" I am. Unfortunately most of the things we come across in the real world regarding running eg "races" are all distance oriented.


Here we go again - it's high time this situation was properly addressed. The programme says you graduate when you have completed the programme and can run for 30 MINUTES regardless of distance. Sadly, some people are obsessed with '5K in 30 minutes' and, I believe, do untold damage with their insistence on it. Untold damage to others that is. Continue with the programme, enjoy it, run for 30 minutes in week nine and then collect your badge. Good luck and best wishes. Fitmo


4k in 28 mins in blooming amazing. Well done


Thank you all for your replies, it is very encouraging! :)

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