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6k!!! Oh my days!

Second run on the treadmill last night. Managed 5k last week so wondered if I could do it again. Once Id reached that target I just kept going!!I got to 6k in 50 mins and thought that, if I wanted to retain the ability to walk the next day, I should stop. In a peverse way I really enjoyed it. Didnt find it too hard and I still cant believe Im doing this - in week one I could barely manage the 90seconds! Am going to move on to Stepping Stones next I think and am also contemplating doing the Santa Dash in December.

Happy running =happy girl!

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Well done, what a feeling, eh! Stepping Stones is really good, Speed is my favourite and Stamina is - er - quite hard but doable (memories of W1R1 for me, anyway). Enjoy your happy running, and definitely go for the Santa Dash!



I'm still working on the 6k, I'll get there though.


6k! Well done - quite something after Laura's finite timed runs. The Santa dash seems like a fun and manageable way to get into social running - think i'll give it a try too


Well done willnevie. Have you tried running outside yet? Stepping stones is excellent. Speed is my favourite too. Stamina is hard, but I guess you get used to it. I did stamina the first time yesterday, and have a very painful left knee today, so messed up my programme for the remainder if the week, as I can't run with this, even with the support in place.

You will enjoy it, as you have to do some listening and thinking and doing :-).

Yes, definitely go for the Santa Dash-you can do it!

Keep on Running.

Colette x


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