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Not one to brag but I'm so chuffed! :)

Week 11 Run 3 yesterday.

Decided to try and increase time from the 35 minutes I've been running so....chose Blondie's album "Parallel Lines" and a brand new route and thought' go for 38 minutes.'

Well, totally forgot about time, distance and everything and ran practically the whole album....when i checked on mapmyrun I'd done 6k! In 43 minutes! Wonder if i can contact debbie harry and thank her.....those under 50 probably haven't the faintest idea who I'm banging on about!

However, now to increase by 10% my long run next week will have to be 48 minutes.Gulp! :)

Am following others advice and doing

Run 1 5k

Run 2 week one podcast running fast on the 'run' and jogging on the 'walk'

Run 3 Increase time by 10% every week (so 30, 33 ,36, 40 etc)

Hope that helps anyone.


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That is a great time. I did 5.24K last week in 38 minutes on a fairly flat but muddy and puddly run. This Saturday I did 5K in 42minutes on a trail through the local woods. I was really pleased with both and it highlights how my time is affected by conditions. I do 30 minutes first run of week, then I've actually missed the last 2 weeks 2nd run as I go to a really active zumba class mid week and have felt that is enough right now. Then I aim for 5K or more on the Saturday run. This is working well for me as I am still enjoying it. Never tried running to Blondie as yet. Green Day and T Rex are the ones that keep me going. :)


Of course! T Rex! Brilliant idea :)

Your training schedule sounds good, would like to try Zumba but have been put off by a physio friend who said his client numbers have shot up due to bad backs caused by Zumba!!!

Anyway, whatever suits you and gets your fitness up and you enjoy it thats the main thing.

Also, fairly skint at the mo and running is free!

Off to download the lovely marc bolan!

Thanks blueboots :)


You brag away!

Well done.


That is just brilliant well done!! And as a pure coincidence I have just downloaded a couple of Blondie songs onto my running playlist - hopefully she'll get me to 5K sometime soon!! :)


Fantastic, well done you! Brag away! Havent got any Blondie on my ipod (have been managing without it but need to get some longer runs in so will need it soon!) thanks for the inspiration x


A great run: well done :)


Very well done !

Your "plan" sounds good, I may try that. Tomorrow, I'm just going to see how far I can manage.


Debbie Harry would get me through it. Saw her performing in Kew Gardens last year (still in hot pants at 65!!) Way to go.


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