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Oh my annoying calves!

Just done week 8 (week 8!!) day one. Still tackling the Parkrun route, which I have been using anyway up til now, but the other way round. I'd been doing it Widdershins, (anticlockwise thus against the direction of the sun for all you non-pagans!) but PR goes clockwise. Which means I have to run UP the steep bit, not DOWN it. I got to 28 mins... And I could see the finish line at the cafe.... Ohhhh so I ran on until the end. I just ran 5k! Sorry Laura I broke the rules, but I wanted to see if I could. 8 weeks ago the only running I did was to The Prestonville to get last orders in, or an undignified shuffle in Crocs at work for some bit of equipment or other.

Who'd have thunk it! Not me that's for sure. Took me a tad over 35 mins: back to the Protocol next time but it's nice to have a benchmark for when I start doing regular 5ks.

Time for the cup of tea I promise myself in my Mantra (and maybe a cheeky bowl of Shreddies) :-O

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Given the point of the post, I forgot to mention niggly calves from what I think is running up hills! Any hill tips?


Little steps and lean forward a little bit, I think. Or just avoid the buggers!


Well done - you were so busy enthusing over your run that you forgot to ask your original question. My only tips for handling upward facing undulations are:

1) Practice makes perfect

2) Hills don't exist - they are purely a figment of your imagination ;)

Living where I do, I have to tackle them as soon as I step out of my front door. Just take it easy at first and take nice short steps. I now actually find it harder to go down them than I do up. It's much more difficult keeping a steady pace and not allowing your feet to run away with you.

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Fab stuff Allie! That sounds a great run and as you say gives you a good benchmark for the future. Re. Hill work I asked this question a few days ago and got good replies, so check them out.


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Impressive stuff Allie, very impressive


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