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Four days .... 😬


Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my week with you all, I’ve had four days off which I wasn’t very happy about, I had a major motivation crash the first and second day, then I decided that I would do some squats on the third day (didn’t stretch after, which was a massive stupid mistake) and that absolutely debilitated me for that day and the next!!!

Today I woke up absolutely dreading my run, it was raining and freezing cold so I put it off all day knowing that I didn’t want to do it but that I had to and then the next thing I knew I was getting myself ready and was out the door and surprise surprise .... I bloomin’ loved it, even in the rain (which surprisingly i prefer running in)!!!! Somehow I actually felt like I performed really well too... I wish that the mental aspect of running wouldn’t be so hard to overcome but then again everyone would be doing it if that was the case! So I just thought I’d share with you what I’ve been going through as I feel really chuffed today and hopefully if you too are having the same struggles this could be a sign that you can do it!!!

How is everyone else doing? Does anyone feel like they are struggling? Always here for a chat ☺️

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Yes me today! Didn’t go yesterday because of the frozen and snowy roads around me (very rural so not gritted and not driven on enough to wear away). Went for a walk yesterday afternoon and nearly went A over T on various slippy bits just walking in boots ! 😫

So although I got up early this morning to run my W5R1 I sort of knew I wouldn’t - and it was still icy. So now I feel I may struggle tomorrow having not run since Friday 🤦‍♀️ and I know W5 is tough. But I AM deffo going and I am DEFFO aiming to GET IT DONE!!

Good to hear that you had a good run today RubyAlice21 - well done for getting out there!! 💪

Oh yeah definitely don’t go out if you could potentially fall and hurt yourself!!

I thought today would be really difficult but honestly it wasn’t that bad so I’m sure you’re going to be fine!

I love that determination!! You will definitely get it done 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Thank you so much! I hope your next run is good 🤩🤩

The mental side is the hardest part, if you get your running kit ready the evening before then it's one less task to do before the run, sometimes all you need to do is step out the front door and close it behind you and that might be enough to get you going,or if you think you won't run, put your kit on and go out for a walk, you will prob decide to run after a few minutes.

It's hard but you are enjoying it which is half the battle.

Keep going! 🏃‍♀️

RubyAlice21 in reply to Jimtom

That’s a great tip!! Today I thought I would just walk it so I’d at least have done something but then realised that I wanted to run so that was great!

Thank you so much! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jimtom in reply to RubyAlice21

I'm glad to help, just keep going 😊 👍


Brilliant news. A confession. In my first go at C25K I fell badly. Just tripped. Now totally paranoid about running in rain. How did you cope? Was it ok? I run on pavement. Any advice? 😀

It was only a nice drizzle, nothing too too heavy! The pavements were quite wet as it was on and off showers today so I just made sure I avoided the drains as they get super slippery and I run really slowly so no big strides to put me off balance! I find that I’m always looking at the floor too, I look up when I walk but normally keep my head down when running (I’m not sure if that does anything but I just like focusing on all my steps).

Also when I first got into C25K I thought I’d get myself some good Nike running shoes as I thought if I spend my money on it I will keep at it and they’re really good for the rain and grip!

BlueskyaboveGraduate in reply to RubyAlice21

Thanks. Reassuring and I think I just need yo go for it but slow as you say!!!

Yes!! I think just getting yourself out there is the most important thing and if you’re still worried about running there is nothing wrong with sticking to a brisk walk just to build yourself back up again! I hope when you go out next it’s alright ☺️


Running in light rain drizzle is cooling. Running in a downpour? Put the kettle on instead, it will ease off.

RubyAlice21 in reply to Rennur

It was a nice drizzle which was lovely, I don’t think I could handle a full downpour though!!!

This is a great post. So glad for you! You should feel chuffed!

Thank you so much!!


Good for you, RubyAlice21 - I have learned to value and enjoy my runs but I still procrastinate before going out 😂 The whole “have I got my phone?” “Are my shoes laced okay?” “Will I be warm/cool enough?” And then I get out the door and it all melts away. What did any of us ever do before we were runners, eh? 😊

Oh same!!! I was sitting on my bed for half an hour staring out the window watching people walk by thinking “I will wait until I think they’ve passed so I don’t have to run past them” 😂🤦🏼‍♀️.


What a great post, I think that feeling of dread has hit everyone at one time or another, but once you’ve got your kit on, made the conscious decision to get out there and you’re through the door, it soon disappears. You’ll have that feeling of how great it felt next time, which will replace that feeling of dread.....well done RubyAlice21 👍🏃‍♀️

Definitely! I normally don’t feel great before a run but then feel amazing after I get back which is just crazy, so hopefully now I will start feeling more motivated to get out there!

Thank you so much! ☺️


Yes same here. Went for my longest run to date Fri 7k and was buzzing. Felt a twitch in my knee at the end but thought nothing of it. Really painful knee on the weekend which has now gone. Awful weather here and I'm 4 days without a run now. I have to go today but just can't get motivated.

RubyAlice21 in reply to Cdfjay

Oh I’m glad your knee is better! It is so hard to get yourself motivated, it’s probably the biggest thing that I struggle with in allllll aspects of my life but my advice is to just get out there, even if you don’t want to run just do a brisk walk, I think once you’re out there your mind will feel better for going out and hopefully that will motivate you to keep on! Also think about how nice it will be when you get home to treat yourself to a nice hot shower/bath, a cup of tea/coffee etc. after being out in the cold!

You can do it ⭐️⭐️⭐️

CdfjayGraduate in reply to RubyAlice21

Thanks for the reply. Ventured out lunchtime for a short run and felt great afterwards.

RubyAlice21 in reply to Cdfjay

Oh I’m glad you feel good, good on you for getting out ☺️


It’s really interesting to see how easy it is to get derealised and how hard it can be to motivate yourself even after four days. Same for me today because of the snow haven’t run since Saturday. Looked outside this morning and thought I would go for it but oh I got further into my run the snow and slush just got worse. I managed about 4K but switching between grass and path and dodging ice and puddles was so hard. First time since graduation I’ve not done 5k so felt a bit low but reading the posts here I can see it’s okay - thanks. At least I went out 😀.

It is crazy! The mental aspect of exercising is such a hard thing to overcome sometimes 😩. Oh gosh!! At least you got out and did it! Snow is such a pain and is so dangerous too so I commend you for getting out because I know I would not do the same haha! Well done 🤩⭐️


Annoyed that slippy pavements have stopped me going out for 3 days at what feels like an important stage for me (week 8 run 2) but thankfully the rain has got rid of that and I will be heading out later. I like running in the rain too.

The weather can be such a pain but it’s better to hold it off until you know it’s safe, last thing you want is an injury and to not be able to run for a long time!! Wishing you a lovely run today 💪🏼⭐️🏅


Well done for getting out there and I’m glad it went well.

It’s been icy for the last few days around here and I’ve been having a slight hamstring niggle so I’ve taken a few days off. Planning on going out for my next run on Thursday.

The first time I ran in the rain was in summer. Headed out with suntan lotion on and wearing the shades. Ten minutes later, the heavens opened! It was really refreshing! This time of year, I’ll adjust my schedule a bit to try an avoid rain but if I can’t, well, running in the rain really isn’t a problem. I’ve found that wearing a jacket helps. It isn’t waterproof but it does help to keep off some of the rain. I was drenched whilst out on an evening run last November, clothing was soaked but I was still warm enough (that was before I got the jacket).

As for motivation, I’ve never really found it to be a problem with running. Trying to do strength exercises in the house is different; it usually fizzles out after a month or two but with running, I just do it. I guess it might be something to do with it being outside, I’m also aware that I need to stay active to keep my diabetes at bay.

Thank you!

It’s crazy how you warm up when running in the rain, I always thought I’d be freezing, especially as my clothes were wet but it’s actually really nice, and I hate being out in the rain!!

The only time I ever feel motivated is when I’m in a gym setting (which hasn’t been for a very very long time), I can’t motivate myself at home or even for my run (even though I feel great at the end). Hopefully when lockdown is over I will get the confidence to sign up to a gym and that will help in more aspects of motivation 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼.

I hope you have a lovely run!

I start listening to my running playlist before I get ready to leave, gets me in the mood for the run when I'm not quite feeling it

That’s always a good tip!!


I graduated back in December and have been doing consolation runs 3 times a week since then. The last time I had a 5 day break due to ice I went out on the 6th day and smashed 5.25K non stop! I went out today after a 7 day break and struggled to run for 30 minutes!! 😨 There really is no rhyme or reason to it some days - I blame tiredness and probably not being hydrated enough. I had a cross trainer for Christmas and I’ve been using that on my non running days but this morning was a struggle! Is anyone else in the same boat as me?

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