Week 9 in Belfast -- Part 2

This time it was raining. That kind of soft rain that is not unpleasant. And it was dark. But me and Julie and Laura easily ran for 30 minutes! I really cannot believe that I'll be graduating, what, Friday, Saturday? And in London -- back to my roots! Bye bye Belfast as George Best airport here I come and it's the final countdown to graduation!

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  • Wonderfully done, Delia!! Be safe and enjoy your travels!!

    Good luck on your graduation run...enjoy it!! :-)

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Greetings from London to you and Gayle!

  • Run Delia run! :-)

    I must have a listen to this Julie sometime too! And let us know exactly where you run in London... :-)

  • Greetings from South London, how ironic that I should graduate back at my roots!

  • Good luck for that green badge ...


  • Woo hoo, Delia, very well done and I shall be cheering you on on your graduation run. Think of us ALL waiting and yelling as you cross that finish line.....xx

  • It's the final countdown.... thanks Soozz

  • Hi deliaitaly Just caught up with yours blogs, so pleased you are back on track. Good luck for your graduation run, you have certainly earned it. I haven't been out running for a while, been feeling a bit fragile, had my flu jab and haven't been right since. It's the first time its affected me like this. Hope to go out on Friday and see how I get on. :-) PAT

  • Thanks Pat! I'm sure you'll be better soon and back on track before you know it, Big hugs from foggy London, Delia

  • Good luck on the graduation run. Where in London are you going to do it?

    I did mine yesterday beside the sea on the Isle of Wight - will blog about it tomorrow. I can't believe I've done, can you?

  • Well done Londongirl, I'll be doing mine in Warlingham (wrong side of the river!). Yes, unbelievable isn't it!

  • Ooooh, exciting! Cheering you on!

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