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Week 9 Run 1 in Belfast

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Did the first run of week 9 yesterday running round Belfast Botanical Gardens and thinking how lucky I am to have a job that has allowed me to run in different cities around Europe. Freezing cold, damp and as it's not the biggest Botanical Garden in the world I must have ruin round it 7 times :-) and even tackled the herbaceous borders which was true cross country! Apart from running up and down rocky steps (slippery!) there was mud and slime and my trainers didn't have a four-wheel drive so I got back looking like soemone who had been through the wars. But how emotional was that run!

And those of you involved in the string of conversations regard ing gentlemen's derrières, well lots of gorgeous young rugby players training -- admin please don't delete me for being un-PC!

Bad connection, next run in London.

Delia can run for 30 minutes without getting breathless way hay!!!!!

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Brilliant (both for the run and the sight of attractive derrieres).

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DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to boudicca

thanks Boudicca!

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Nowadays when cameras are minute and often attached to your phone anyway there is no excuse for not taking photos for us Delia :-) The forum needs a nice photo section...

And I'm so jealous of your mud. I joined a gym yesterday and spent an interesting three quarters of an hour being instructed in various large and scary machines by a scantily-clad, pony-tail swinging but fortunately very nice young lady... those cross-trainers aren't half energetic... :-D

Good luck for R2 in London!

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DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to Mitts

there is an interesting conversation on derrieres and cameras somewhere on this site, Sara knows where!

Thanks Mitts!

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psarapsychGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly

Hey D.... well... all sorts of comments come to mind but perhaps we might all be expelled LOL :-). Herbaceous borders in Belfast... not really two things that come together in my mind but then what would I know :-)!!!

Just did it D - 9/1 today and like you, not breathless, speechless but still breathing gently - yaaay! My final run will be on Walmer/Deal Beachfront on the Kent Coast so will think of you and the Irish btms - not sure the Kent coast can compete on that front (excuse pun).

Keep going D and let me know when you get there :-)!!!!!

Bussis, Sara xox

Fantastic news, not long now and a gradation on home soil potentially, what a journey, savour those final two runs of C25K

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DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to

Thanks Phil!

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A wonderful way to begin W9, Delia!! 30 minutes I understand, but without being breathless???? WOW!! I begin gasping and wheezing in 30 seconds, let alone 30 minutes!!! Very well done!!

Unlike others, I will not be requesting photos of the aforementioned rugby players, nor any parts of there anatomies!! Although if Mitts sees that scantily-clad, ponytail hanging very nice young lady at the gym again, maybe a photo or two would be appreciated!! :-)

Enjoy W9!! You are almost there!!

Keep Running!! :-)


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MittsGraduate in reply to smhall

Will see what I can do!! :-) Or maybe I should speak to your wife before I make too many promises here... Gayle?????

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smhallGraduate in reply to Mitts

Easy now!! My lovely wife doesn't need to be bothered with ponytails or scantily-clad young ladies!! :-) I am sure that she would be taking a peek at Delia's rugby team. :-)

Besides, I am just trying to do you a favor, Mitts. One must be sure that you have a right and proper trainer there!! :-) Now, where is that photo section??? ;-)

Keep Running...and clicking photos!! ;-)


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gdeannGraduate in reply to Mitts

:-) I let him ramble on mitts! I learned a long time ago, Steve usually digs himself in so deep that it usually ends up with me getting cool presents! ;-) Actually, we have an understanding. We are both so equally full of bull, we better stay together because no one else would tolerate us. :-)

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psarapsychGraduate in reply to gdeann

Hey you guys - how on earth did you get to do that 30 minute run together????? All that bull - as long as you weren't slipping around in it :-) LOL...

Anyway Gayle I can only offer Austrian derrieres and unfortunately they just don't seem to have the Italian 'swing' - however, the Austrian ponytails are definitely blond and.... swing!!!

Just managed my 9/1 today in Vienna and I reckon my 9/3 will be near my parents on the kent coast in Walmer (near those white cliffs of Dover). I have no idea where 9/2 will take place - like D, a bit all over the place at the mo!!

Keep on having fun, Sara xox

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Congrats on running 30 mins without getting breathless - that shows how fit you are! Enjoy your running in London, my best wishes for your graduation run. :-)

Delia! I live in Belfast and part of my route takes me past Botanic Gardens but I've never ventured in (esp now it shuts at 4:30pm due to the dark evenings). I hope Belfast treated you well! Now, onto the important business...exactly where might I find these young derrieres lurking in Belfast and exactly how young were they?!! Congrats on the 30mins; only 2 more runs! :)

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DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to

Hi newbie! I'm working at Queen's Uni and staying in Malone Road. The young gentlemen in question stretch, work out and run in the Botanical Gardens at around 9 am! I saw 4 very pleasant specimens yesterday and shall attempt Run 2 before rushing to George Best airport by 11 am if it stops peeing down!

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DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to

Btw what lovely, lovely people here -- friendly, smiley, great!

in reply to DeliaItaly

Aw sounds great, I'll have to check it out some day I'm not rushing to work! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Belfast; I'm obviously biased but I love the place :)

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DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to

Just did Run 2 of Week 9 and am now off to George Best airport and London. ill definitely be back in the summer!

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DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to

Just did Run 2 of Week 9 and am now off to George Best airport and London. ill definitely be back in the summer!

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Brilliant Delia!!!! Such a beautiful run in every way! You are doing amazingly well with the breathing, I still feel like I huff and puff. I bet you were a sight when you made it back to the hotel...oh well, a little mud never hurt anybody! ;-) you speak of something called a rugby player? Being American, I'm not sure what this is?? I believe I may need to see a picture or two... ;-)

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Well done and enjoy your London runs. I ove Belfast too, my father is fron the North of Ireland and I spent a lot of time there as a teenager.

I did 2nd Stepping Stone today on a gloriously sunny and suprisingly warm day - I don't know why but they seem easier than the wk9 runs even though they are the same length. Perhaps its the music or the different paces and running styles they get you to focus on but whatever it is I hope they are working on building my stamina.

And I have no objection to seeing motivational rugby derriers - gives us all a postivie body image to strive for :-)

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DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to chusan51

Hi Chusan, am now at brother's home in London and yes, what a glorious day it has been today!

I guess I'll start my stepping stones as soon as I crack the 5K after graduation which will hopefully be on Friday! I have no idea how far I'm running!

I feel very guilty about my sexist comments, but this community is so positive and I'm yet to be reprimanded! All the best, delia

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