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5 minutes!

So today I started week 4 (I follow the C25k free app and not the podcasts so I'm not sure if the runs are slightly different - I think there are only 8 weeks instead of 9).

I was very apprehensive as I was sure I wouldn't be able to run 3 mins, 5, 3, 5. I was tempted to give the last repetition of week 3 another go but the advice on here was to carry on. So I did... and I did it! I was utterly knackered afterwards and very, very red faced but I'm so proud :)

The hardest part was I did it on a treadmill at the gym which I had set to 'virtual active'; it simulates you running somewhere picturesque in America with added inclines, and I did my last runs up an incline. It hurt but it felt so good afterwards.

Thanks for the words of encouragement! I can't believe how far my fitness has come along in 3 short weeks. Quite simply amazing!

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That's great, I am only preparing for my first run, but reading some of the stories here makes me feel confident that i Can achieve the final goal, and even if I have to repeat a few runs along the way that it doesn't matter and I'm prob not the only one and after reading your comment above Its made me realise that sometimes we just have to push ourselves a little bit.


That's what I said to myself: it's not meant to be easy! Doable, yes, but not easy. Good luck, so long as you have belief in yourself and determination you'll do great :)


Wow that is amazing, I didnt risk more than the slightest incline setting on the dreadmill for 7 weeks!


Wonderfully done, Nikki!! It is simply amazing how quickly your body progresses, isn't it!! Just a few more weeks you will be running 30 minutes!!!!! :-)

Each week will give you a new challenge, but just as you mentioned, each one is doable!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Keep us posted and Keep Running!! :-)



Well done! I did my first W4 yesterday, and was astonished at how well I did - how have I gone from no being able to jog fo rmore than 30 seconds, to completing 5-minute runs?? High as a kite!


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