Couch to 5K

25 minutes, it's a miracle!

I've been a bit lax with my posts I'm afraid but I've been keeping up with the programme. Week 5 was great, lovely weather and chose a great route on a track at the top of our local park so the runs went well. Wasn't sure about running for 20 mins on run 3 but as always I somehow managed it. Week 6 coincided with a few days break in Cornwall. I ran run 2 week 6 on the Lizard past RNAS Culdrose with great views and the sea. Run 3 was 25 mins! I did that too! Still finding it's me getting hot that scuppers me more than anything but my body seems to be coping OK. I've lost 4lbs altogether so far but 2 inches on my hips and for the first time ever managed to get some skinny jeans to fit me! Wooo!

Today I did run 1 of week 7 and ran for 25 mins none stop. The wind was conspiring against me but the rain was very welcome. Slightly disappointed with my distance though but I know thepoint is to get top the end of each run so I must not get despondent. Can't wait until I can actually run 5k. It getting closer. Deffo going to do one of the official park runs when I'm done.

Hope you're all enjoying it and ploughing on.

Stacey x

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Wow Stacey, don't get despondent, you are doing fantastically well, I hope you feel really proud of yourself. I can run for 90 seconds and am thrilled to bits, I really hope I will get to the point where I can run for even 5 minutes. Keep up the good work, it's really great to have something to aim for.


Ah thank you. When I first did the 90 seconds and was knackered I couldn't imagine been able to do any more but the programme is so good and gradual you feel a great sense of achievement each week. It's amazing what your body can do really. You'll do it too, after a couple of weeks my motivation really kicked in and I was even excited about doing my next run. The bug gets you. Good luck with the rest of it : ) x


wow great stuff! We are on the same week and I too can't quite believe I'm doing 25 minutes with relative ease! I'm very envious of your Cornish sea runs I'd love to do inspiring! I think interesting and beautiful scenery is a must to stop boredom stepping in x


Just where you are right now. Week 7 run 1 and keeping it going despite the rain again today. Decided to reverse my route and the last 2 mins up a steep hill, was a killer but did it. Like you feeling good about this.

I susprise myself at the end of these runs that I have come this far.


Hi Stacey, my W6R3 is on Thursday this week ... I've found every run a good run until this morning, when for some reson I struggled with 10 mins x 2 :( But reading your post inspires me to take that one on the chin and not let it ruin my motivation for the big 25 mins! Well done you, good running to you!


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