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Running update

Hi folks.

Havent been on for a while. Just thought I would update on you on my progress. Some of you will be aware I did my first 10k race back in September. I was really chuffed with the time and I thank my running partner for pacing me through. She advised me to NOT take the garmin as I would run better without knowing how I was doing. She was so right. After the race I had to race ( :D ) off to Ireland for a week or so. I even managed to run despite the odd quaff of the black stuff.

Keeping up my training was just as well as it turns out my running buddy had decided to enter me in the Great Scottish run at the weekend and for the HM as well!!!!!

What an experience. Thousands of runners. Big crowds and an amazing atmosphere. I dragged myself round the course in 2:03:48. If it wasnt for the "pit stop" at around 8 miles I would have broken the 2 hours but hey, I am exceedingly happy to have completed.

Anyhoo, hope everyone is doing well and beating those personal targets. Keep on keeping on!!!!

PS. The running tights had their first outing today and I didnt get arrested :D Need to buy some gloves now. It was cooooooollllllllllldddddddd.

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Oh I remember !

Yes you posted saying that you had done a 10k in a really fast time and that you would post later with your report , and then that's it " PUFF ! " You vanished into thin air , no sight or sound from you until now leaving us all with our knickers and running tights in a twist wondering what had happened to you :-D

Glad that you are doing so well with your running and races , sounds like you have this well and truly sussed , good to hear !

Well done :-) xxx


Sorry PP. Time, kids, work, holidays, crappy tinterweb connections got away from me :(

The 10k was really good and I am glad I did it even though I had been running beyond for quite a wee while.

The HM!!! Well, that was something special. I think I may be a crowd addict now :D


Aw go on then we will let you off, only because its you , mind :-)

I didn't realise you had only been running 6 months, blimey that's amazing !

You sound well and truly bitten by the bug, fab stuff :-) xxx


Bitten and chewed PP :D

I cant believe the journey that C25K has taken me on.

They should bloody well make it compulsary in schools :)


If it was that cold, I daresay your silhouette wasn't as scary as it might have been in the summer months! Sorry, I lowered the tone again.





Wow, that's a great time. Congratulations!! Good to see you're still running and enjoying it :)


Thanks Thomas. It was so enjoyable. The crowd and fellow runners really spur you on. I would urge anyone to give a race a bash


Great time Runner56, very impressive indeedy! What's next on the agenda?


Thanks AM. I was really chuffed :)

As for the next step........

I reckon i will pull the reigns in a bit over the winter and consolidate. I have came from couch to HM in a little more than 6 months. I have been so lucky to avoid any injuries (touches wood) .

The ultimate dream is the marathon but thats still quite some way away


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