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Rain dogs

I think today was my first run where it rained throughout. No hat so wiping rain off my specs and face throughout. Actually it was quite enjoyable and refreshing. I thought that I was keeping up a pretty good pace and was hopeful of a good time. In the end it was better than the nearest comparable run but only slightly. Covered 5.37 km compared to 5.3 before.

Am feeling tired now. But Wednesday should be my graduate run if all goes according to plan. Blinking heck.

(actually no dogs on this run but I liked the title)

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We say here in the States "Raining cats and dogs" so happy to read the cats stayed away also! ;-) can you believe it mabbers??!!! Only 1 more easy, peasy, piece of cake run??!! :-) Chilling bottles and getting the hats and horns ready for a grad celebration!!! :-) Gayle


Well done you, excellent distance covered too, I consider you a very fast runner! One run to go looking forward to the graduation party :-)


That's a really good pace! Title made me laugh, had visions of black dogs pounding through the puddles behind you. Wishing you an excellent graduation run tomorrow! :)


Thanks folks. Well I am still hoping to fit in my graduation run tomorrow but some work stuff has come up to complicate matters. Fingers crossed. Looks like it is set to be wet tomorrow as well, so better look for a cap!


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