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Oooh new shoes

Going shopping tomorrow for new running shoes :D

Have had stiff feet and ankles and soreness in right foot mostly since beginning c25k and after some research into it and a very helpful lady in the sports shop I need shoes with more support for running in - current ones are neutral.

So before tomorrows wk7r2 I get to go buy new shoes..ok not pretty heels or lovely boots but am excited nevertheless - excited to see if my running is easier with more supportive footwear, and if the stiffness I experience daily is relieved .

Never in my life thought i would get excited about new trainers.

Also need hi vis top as got to run at night/early morning due to new job

Roll on the morning :D

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As I am a lady who loves all kind of footwear, my other half was a bit suspicious that I was only taking up running to get all the gear that goes with it. Your feet will thank you even if your bank balance doesn't! I have splashed out on a good pair (I could never be called a neutral runner!!). Now I know which ones suit, I have even managed to pick up a second pair in an online sale (sssh, don't tell the hubby!)


I wont ladies have to stick together in the need for shoes department. I know they wont be cheap, but if it means a more comfortable enjoyable run then splashing out will be worth it :D


Ooo new shoes are always terribly exciting :D


Titch, I just lurve looking at running shoes and all the gear and then buying it!! I cant actually remember the last time I went shopping for "normal" clothes and footwear........ I hope they work for you and you are pain free as a result.

High viz is a must for these dark mornings/nights so I invested in a bright pink Ronhill jacket to be seen at night after work (no time in the morning before the commute....) and I do feel so much safer as a result.

Enjoy tomorrow with the new gear!



Got some lovely comfy trainers, and a nice hi vis long sleeve for the dark nights running ahead..could have spent more on gloves and a hat but have a small head and hands so none fitted properly and I had visions of me chasing a hat down the street then trying to pick it up with about 1cm too much glove :D :D

Havnt been able to test the new trainers tho - legs needed another days rest from the mess up on my timings on sat and running for longer than should its most likely wednesday now for me as new job tomorrow and think i might be a little pooped ..but will see..the new trainers are calling meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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