Oooh! New SHOES! x2

Oooh! New SHOES! x2

Last year around week 4 or 5 of C25K I invested in some lovely running shoes from Sweatshop - Mizuno Wave Rider 16s, which have been absolutely brilliant: feather-light, comfortable etc. But alas they are now showing signs of wearing out, so I thought I'd get the new model, the Wave Rider 17s, which are touted to be even better, lighter, etc, etc. But when I tried them on, I realised the changes they've made to the design means they just don't work for me - when I flex my foot the tongue of the shoe digs into my toes and that could lead to bad things...

So I tried on various other makes but nothing seemed to work quite as well or feel quite as comfortable. What to do? Then I thought - I wonder if there are any of the old model available somewhere out there on t'Internet? After all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it...

After much research I found two pairs remaining in my size (also remarkably cheap) - so I snapped them up them. And here they are! Rather nice colourways too, as a bonus, don't you think? They won't show up the dirt as much as my old white ones, either.

So that's me sorted for shoes for the next year or so. By the way I'm not actually intending to wear one of each colour for real, despite it being all the rage for World Cup footballers to do so at the moment!


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16 Replies

  • Oh lovely! I very much like those black ones.

    As you say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. My housemates had a good laugh at me for buying two extra pairs of black day to day loafers when I saw them cheap online, but why the heck not! You and I will be free from shoe worries for years to come :D

  • Apparently lots of people buy multiple pairs of running shoes when they find ones that suit them. It totally makes sense!

    The black colourway is excitingly described as 'Anthracite/Beetroot/Lime'. Who'd have thunk it?

  • I for one think you should wear one of each colour at every available opportunity!

    Nice shoes... I'm loving my Wave 10 Inspires... :)

  • I said I was a Mizuno fan! Perhaps you should invest in another pair, before they discontinue them or design weird things into next year's no.11s :-)

    Actually, one purple foot, one black is quite a good look...

  • And you've also now got me thinking about an EBay pair of Wave 10s in a darker colour for the "dirtier runs" ooh eer... :)

  • Do it! Richmond Park will turn white shoes a dirty orange colour... (although I think you have blue shoes?)

  • Blue shoes indeed - that Richmond Park might turn purple... lol...

    My bid is in... :) And who said this was a cheap hobby... hahahaha...

  • So - now the proud owner of both a blue pair and a black pair of Mizunos... :)

    I don't need two pairs, but I LOVE two pairs... :)

  • You got them! You won't regret it. I took my new ones out for a spin and they are brilliant. I was amazed how much cushioning the old ones had lost in the mid-foot. I am not going to wear them odd though. It reminds me of an old boss who wore odd socks because it was wacky and hilarious, and he was a bit like Colin from the Fast Show...

  • I am feeling very envious.... Two new pairs of running shoes.... I am drooling.....

    You do realise it means twice the running now!

    But seriously, it does make sense if they are so comfortable. And I would wear them odd.

    A very good transaction.

    Happy running!

  • I'm a little concerned if I did wear them odd, catching sight of the different colours while I'm running might make me lose my balance and fall over!

  • Well, unless you do high kicks, or the cancan.....

  • I'd definitely wear them odd too. What's not to like with multicoloured feet. I love my Mizuno 17s -comfy but oh so ugly :)

  • Glad the 17s work for you - they were still the most comfortable out of everything I tried on, and SO light. It was just that stitching around the where the tongue is attached that was the problem for me. Did you get the white or the purple ones? I really liked the look of the purple ones...

  • Sadly they only had the white ones in my size. White with lilac soles and acid yellow laces- truly the ugliest, most comfortable shoes in the world :)

  • Great idea to search for the same make etc and I think wearing one of each is quite eye catching ;)

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