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More Speed and definitely more hard work. I still doubt if I've got the beat but I have got the IDEA of slow and fast runs. Endomondo graphs finally show a clearer picture of the two, meaning that I must be belting along part of the fast bits and shuffling some of the 'slow' ones!! I enjoy the intensity of the intervals even if it leaves me feeling really pushed. 3k in 15.44 seems ok but I would like to improve that over the next two runs (Tuesday, Thursday) before having a go at the Stamina podcast next Sunday. I'm feeling the need for a longer run but know that I can't do the Speed one the way I appear to be running it and then continue (as some fellow C25k graduates are trying). I plan to keep the Speed going for a bit, midweek certainly, as it feels like a proper workout even if the time/ disatnce isn't as great. B210k might be further off but that's fine. Probably December start but will see how next Sunday goes. I spent a bit of time looking over the local parkrun webpages. What fun. Youngsters (kids included) up to oldies. Loads of photos, bit of video even. And showing my local park throughout the seasons. I will sign up and join at some point but I want to make sure it fits in with my programme rather than planning around that run

Thanks for reading and keep running!

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Hi Janda, Yeeeah! You are getting there! Yes, just keep on repeating the speed until you do get the beat. It is about listening and then putting it into practice (listening skills). I repeated the speed one today-started back last Wednesday after timeout for this wretched cough/cold. As I had only done it once, I decided to repeat it for Wednesday, Friday and today. Really glad I did, as you do "pickup" on stuff you have missed Laura saying. Again I was on the beat when when came back in with the counting, so have that right. It was my posture and breathing that I needed to work on today, but at least I didn't have to worry about the beat too.

I'm moving onto stamina on Wednesday. I shall do it on the flat first time round, as I have no idea what it contains, then the following week I hope to graduate to the Heath, which is hilly, and have a go. Free runs on Fridays. If I do find a park run down here in Poole I will sign up, but so far none.

Nice to have a different pattern to the running, and to have to think for a change.

As you say the speed isn't as long, but is a proper workout-as all the pods are. They've been carefully thought out and structured.

Enjoy the runs-and forget about distance/time-it's all in the pod, so you must be achieving if you're running to the end, logic :-).

Look forward to hearing how you get on next week Janda.

Keep on Running :-)



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